From Cloister to Commons: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Religious Studies

AAHE's Series on Service-Learn
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Foreword--Carmen Chaves Tesser; Introduction--Josef Hellebrandt and Lucia T. Varona; SECTION I: SERVICE-LEARNING AS THEORY: Service-Learning and Spanish: A Missing Link--Aileen Hale; Critical Pedagogy and Service-Learning in Spanish: Crossing Borders in the Freshman Seminar--Jonathan F. Arries; Service-Learning and Language-Acquisition Theory and Practice--Jeanne Mullaney; From Instrumental to Interactive to Critical Knowledge Through Service-Learning in Spanish--Lucia T. Varona; SECTION II: SERVICE-LEARNING FROM THE CLASSROOM: Service-Learning With Bilingual Communities and the Struggle for Change: A Critical Approach--Mark Baldwin, Rosario Diaz-Greenberg, and Joseph Keating: Altruism and Community Service in Hispanic Literature: Readings and Praxis--Estelle Irizarry; Learning the Basics of Spanish Translation: Articulating a Balance Between Theory and Practice Through Community Service--Carmen Lizardi-Rivera; Raising Cultural Awareness Through Service-Learning in Spanish Culture and Conversation: Tutoring in the Migrant Education Program in Salem--Patricia Varas; Community-Based Language Learning: Integrating Language and Service--J. Patrick Boyle and Denise M. Overfield.
Discusses the implementation of service-learning within religious studies and what that discipline contributes to the pedagogy of service learning. This volume contains both theoretical and pedagogical essays by scholar-teachers in religious studies education, and a resource guide.

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