Assessment to Promote Deep Learning: Insight from AAHE's 2000 and 1999 Assessment Conferences

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This edited collection of presentations by major speakers at AAHE's 1999 and 2000 Assessment Conferences offers cutting-edge ideas from: Jorge Klor de Alva; Noel Entwistle; James Anderson; Victor Borden; Jean MacGregor, Vincent Tinto, Jerri Holland Lindblad; Barbara Wright; and others. Questions explored include: (1) How does a successful for-profit institution define and assess its learning outcomes and use that information to develop programs? (2) How can we create curricula and assessments that promote "deep" learning that endures, rather than superficial surface learning? (3) What is an effective performance indicator, and what keys determine the best utilization in varied situations? (4) What have we learned from assessments of the learning community movement? (5) How can we use both assessment and accreditation to promote cultural change?

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