Working for the Common Good: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Management

15, AAHE's Series on Service-Learn
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Preface by Charles Wankel (Academy of Management); * PART ONE: THEORETICAL CHAPTERS; * Business Education for the 21st Century by Judith Samuelson; A Moral Argument for Service-Learning in Management Education by Paul C. Godfrey; * Transforming Management Education: The Role of Service-Learning by Sandra Waddock and James Post; * Management Students as Consultants: A Strategy for Service-Learning in Management Education by Amy L. Kenworthy-U'Ren; * A Postmodern Service-Learning Pedagogy: The Story of the Greenback Company by Grace Ann Rosile and David Boje; * PART TWO: PEDAGOGICAL PAPERS: INDIVIDUAL COURSES; * Experiencing Strategy at the University of Notre Dame by James H. Davis and John G. Michel; * Teaching Leadership and Management Through Service-Learning by Gaylen N. Chandler; * The More We Serve, the More We Learn: Service-Learning in a Human Resource Management Course by Sue Campbell Clark; * PART THREE: PEDAGOGICAL PAPERS: INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAMS; * The Oklahoma Integrated Business Core: Using a Service-Learning Experience as a Foundation for Undergraduate Business Education by Larry K. Michaelsen, James M. Kenderdine, John Hobbs, and Forest L. Frueh; * Learning Well by Doing Good: Service-Learning in Management Education by Christine H. Lamb, James B. Lee, Robert L. Swinth, and Karen L. Vinton; * The ICIC Program: An Executive MBA Business School Service-Learning Program Model by Marilyn L. Taylor; * ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY.
Service-learning prepares business students to see new dimensions of relevance of their coursework. It provides structures for students to establish caring relationships with others that validate their humanity. This volume aims to provide a way to get involved.

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