Modeling and Visualization with AutoCAD

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TWO DIMENSIONAL AUTOCAD -- Starting Drawings with AutoCAD -- An Overview of 2-D AutoCAD Command -- DesignCenter and Hatch Pattern -- Putting Text on Drawing -- Dimensioning -- Productive Drafting -- Paper Space Versus Model Space -- Plotting THREE DIMENSIONAL AUTOCAD -- Meshes Modeling 3-D Interior -- 3-D Furniture and Interior Accessories -- Perspectives and Rendering Interiors -- Lighting Design -- Solid Modeling -- Development of Architectural -- Components -- Apply and Modify Materials -- Solid Editing and Form Transformation
Interior designers use AutoCAD software for their drafting and rendering, but where do they learn to apply basic AutoCAD drafting standards and procedures to their specific needs? Modeling & Visualization with AutoCAD answers the question with tutorials that show students how to use AutoCAD software for such drawings as floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, interior elevations, and casework sections. Covering both 2-D and 3-D AutoCAD, this book introduces the method of importing digital images into the material library. It also introduces AutoCAD in a generic way to accommodate the minor differences between newer and older versions; the emphasis is on typical procedures and methods rather than a more detailed process. Its case studies use ancient and modern masterpieces of interior design to demonstrate various applications for students to develop their rendering skills in a creative way, and build upon their knowledge and appreciation of the classical elements of design.
Autor: Suining Ding
Suining Ding, Indiana University Purdue

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Autor: Suining Ding
ISBN-13 :: 9781563675010
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