20th-Century Dress in the United States

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*1898-1907: New Century, New Fashions *1908-1918: The 20th Century Takes Holds *1919-1928: Thoroughly Modern Americans *1929-1938: Fashion on the Dole *1939-1946: Fashion on Duty *1947-1958: New Wealth, New Looks *1959-1968: Tripping Out on Fashion *1969-1978: Retrenchment & Reaction *1979-1988: Glitz to the Max *1989-1999: Party like It's the '90s 2000-2003: Stocks Down, Dressing Up
The 20th century was a fast-paced race into modernization but how did it affect what we wear? From revolutionary politics to the new machine age, from war and depression to growth and prosperity, 20th Century Dress in the United States details how fashion goes hand-in-hand with history. The authors examine American dress from 1898 to 2004 and find innovation at every turn. Diversity and complexity are key: far from the fashion stereotypes embodied by popular ideas of "the twenties" or "the sixties" periods noted for their youthful upheaval and influence we see how every era has its conformists and rebels, from the Arrow Collar Man and the Gibson Girl to flappers, bell-bottom-clad hippies, and Jackie Kennedy. Each chapter explores the social, cultural, economic, artistic, and technological themes that shape fashion in both festive and everyday clothing. Changes in retailing and manufacturing are also examined, from the sweatshops of yesterday to the Internet shopping of today. Whether h
Autor: Jane Farrell-Beck, Jean Parsons
Jane Farrell-Beck and Jean Parsons teach at Iowa State University. Sar Perlman is a veteran writer and journalist and partner at Sherman, Perlman, & Associates.

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Autor: Jane Farrell-Beck
ISBN-13 :: 9781563674150
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