Cracking the Whip: Essays on Design and Its Side Effects

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* Identity Crises: How identities are traded in, how they are stolen, designed, and redesigned * Object lessons: How we are shaped by our own artifacts and our attitudes toward them * For Sale: We express ourselves by buying and selling, often instead of thinking and communicating better * Being There: About our sense of place, regional diversity, and where we live and where we visit * Now and Then and Next: On the shock of the new, the persistence of the old, and the expectation of a future
Design is inescapably part of our lives--from the alarm clocks we wake up to and the cups we use for our morning coffee, to the chairs we sit in, the cars we drive, and the houses and cities we live in. In 63 engaged and engaging essays, Caplan explores how we use design, language, and instinct in our everyday world to relate to others, maintain traditions, and advance our causes. He probes our relation to the things that both comfort and disorient us from pasta to corporate culture and shows how we are shaped by our own artifacts and our attitudes toward them. Our sense of place and regional diversity are also examined as are the shock of the new, the persistence of the old, and the expectation of a future. In this age of global sensibilities and "tourism as a lifestyle," we're continually recycling as we create. Previously published in forums such as The New York Times, I.D., Print, and Interior Design, Caplan (author of the popular classic By Design) is sharp, thoughtful, charming,
Autor: Ralph Caplan
Ralph Caplan writes about design for both professional and consumer publications, speaks about design to both professional and general audiences, and consults with designers and their clients. His articles have appeared in magazines and journals such as Design Quarterly, Interior Design, The New York Times and House and Garden, and his other books include The Design of Herman Miller and By Design: Why There Are No Locks on the Bathroom Doors in the Hotel Louis XIV and Other Object Lessons. He has a wide-ranging client list that includes the American Institute of Architects, the Center of Advanced Research in Design, the Office of Charles Ray Eames, Herman Miller Inc., IBM, CBS, The Smithsonian Institution, Hallmark Cards and UNESCO. Many design schools, universities with design departments, museums and professional design societies have invited Caplan to speak. A former editor-in-chief of ID magazine, he is also a Director Emeritus of the International Design Conference in Aspen.

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Autor: Ralph Caplan
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