Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation

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Part 1 Inertial Navigation: Notation, Coordinate Systems and Units; Equations of Motion in a Central Force Gravity Field; Inertial Instrumentation; Calibration; Initial Alignment and Attitude Computation; Geodetic Variables and Constants; Equations of Motion with General Gravity Model. Part 2 Inertial Navigation with Aids: Inertial Navigation with External Measurements; Error Equations for the Kalman Filter; State Variable Error Models. Part 3 Accuracy Analysis: Accuracy Criteria and Analysis Techniques; Error Equations for Calibration, Alignment and Initialization; Evaluation of Gravity Model Error Effects. Appendices: Matrix Inverse Formulas; LaPlace Transforms; Quaternions; Associated Legendre Functions; Associated Legendre Function Derivatives; Procedure for Generating Gravity Disturbance Realizations; Procedure for Generating Specific Force Profile.
The primary focus of Fundamentals of High Accuracy Inertial Navigation is on the physical and mathematical principles forming the basis for inertial navigation. It differs from other books on the subject by treating aspects of the blend of inertial navigation technology and geodesy.

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