Introduction to Aircraft Flight Dynamics

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Introduction; Aerodynamics Principles; Static Stability and Control; Airframe Equations of Motion; Dynamic System Principles; Longitudinal Dynamics; Lateral-Directional Dynamics; Nonlinear Dynamics; Atmospheric Turbulence; Atmospheric Table; Aircraft Stability Derivatives; Spanload Programme; Linear Algebra Principles; Usage of MATLAB Programmes.
"Introduction to Aircraft Flight Dynamics is geared toward senior undergraduate engineering students and beginning graduate students. The author uses linear algebraic principles and notations to establish airframe equations of motion. The use of this dimensional approach to stability derivatives when describing aerodynamic forces and moments in the six governing relations assures that the solutions to given problems remain in real time and frequency. In addition, the textbook uses modern control theory concepts to introduce the airframe as a plant matrix operator. Consistent reference is made to matrix algebra-oriented software, MATLAB, as a tool for solving aircraft-related problems in both the linear and nonlinear forms. Contemporary analytical methods are also employed to describe the aerodynamics involved in flight vehicle motion and to develop a rationale for modeling and solving related problems in aircraft dynamics. The author also discusses modern control theory methods.

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Autor: Louis V. Schmidt
ISBN-13 :: 9781563472268
ISBN: 1563472260
Verlag: AIAA
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Sprache: Englisch
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