Future Aeronautical and Space Systems

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Perspectives on Future Systems; Short-Haul Aircraft - Rotorcraft, Commuters and General Aviation Aircraft; Large Subsonic Transports and Military Aircraft; Supersonic Aircraft - High-Speed Civil Transports and High-Performance Aircraft; Stratospheric Aircraft, Blimps, Balloons and Long Endurance Aircraft; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Airbreathing Hypersonic Aircraft and Transatmospheric Vehicles; Future Space Transportation Systems and Launch Vehicles; Spacecraft for Solar System Exploration; Lunar and Mars Outposts and Habitats.
As the Earths population grows and migrates, air and space travel as we currently know it will have to change to meet the requirements of a new society. This exciting book looks at the possibilities and probabilities of future air and space travel. It reports on the latest experimental research, including up-to-date artists renderings, color plates, and more than 200 figures and tables. It also details applications for these new systems and vehicles.

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Autor: University Of Virginia and S. A. Noor
ISBN-13 :: 9781563471889
ISBN: 1563471884
Verlag: AIAA
Gewicht: 1120g
Seiten: 579
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 235x164x41 mm
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