Bill Hylton's Ultimate Guide to the Router Table

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Ultimate Guide to the Router Table starts by giving the reader the option of building their own router table (with plans) or buying a manufactured table (with suggestions on what to look for when buying). In either case, this book gives the woodworker all the information they need to use their router table. Basic router-table knowledge is covered in the first chapter: safety issues, setup fundamentals, feed direction and workpiece control. The next chapters cover specific operations unique to the router table. The woodworker is not only how to do an operation, but why to do it in the way explained (and the pitfalls of trying to do it another way). Sidebars and tip boxes will highlight appropriate router bit choices, details on how to construct jigs that can be used in conjunction with the router table and other essential information. Illustrations and close-up photos show procedures clearly.
Autor: Bill Hylton
Bill Hylton is a longtime woodworker and woodworking writer. He writes a column for Popular Woodworking magazine and is a frequent contributor to Woodworker's Journal. He is a reknowned authority on the use of the router and router table. His book, Router Magic, is the bestselling router book of all time (Bookscan RTD sales 18,718 copies).

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Autor: Bill Hylton
ISBN-13 :: 9781558707962
ISBN: 1558707964
Erscheinungsjahr: 26.10.2007
Verlag: F&W Publications Inc
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Sprache: Englisch
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