Belonging: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World

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Introduction xiiiNotes on Selection xxiiiNotes on Translation xxvAmir-Hossein Afrasiabi, b. 1934 (The Netherlands) Red Rose 1Red Rose 2The Grayest Port Ghosts Two Poems Mina Assadi, b. 1943 (Sweden) Yearning for Saari 1 Sketch 4 Sketch 13 Sketch 25 Waking Dreams 3 Waking Dreams 6 Waking Dreams 7Because of Boredom 21Nader Naderpour, 1929—2000 (U.S.) Conversation in the Dark Point and Line Yadollah Roya'i, b. 1932 (France) Name Stone Bosom Stones (3) Lipbrimmings (4) Esma'il Kho'i, b. 1938 (U.K.) To the Aged Mulberry Branch In a Thousand Years Song Losing Image of Kindness Partow Nooriala, b. 1946 (U.S.) Many Happy Returns Four Springs Majid Naficy, b. 1952 (U.S.) Narcissus Flower Night To a Snail Abbas Saffari, b. 1951 (U.S.) Tomorrow A Bird Is a Bird Saturday Night Dinner Revenge Tanka for Loneliness Reza Farmand, b. 1956 (Denmark) My Mother Did Not Become Beautiful (excerpt) Saghi Ghahraman, b. 1957 (Canada) The Dead Dear One I Hang Myself Jamshid Moshkani, b. 1958 (Sweden) Book of Fears 1 Book of Fears 27 Book of Fears 30 Book of Fears 41 Book of Fears 45 Behzad Keshmiripour, b. 1958 (Germany) If You Danced the Wind Barefoot on Nightvelvet Shahrouz Rashid, b. 1960 (Germany/U.S.) Seasonless Years (excerpt) Downfall on the Horizon (excerpt) Icarus (excerpt) Letter to Father Naanaam, b. 1966 (Canada) Untitled 19 One Must Not Sleep with Juliet and Not Be Romeo 37 AntiPoem 2 Granaz Moussavi, b. 1973 (Australia) Moving Sale Post-Cinderella Half-Bottle Song of a Forbidden Woman Ziba Karbassi, b. 1974 (U.K.) Gravequake Love Is Lemony Revolution Song of Ruin Maryam Huleh, b. 1978 (Sweden) The Sticky Dream of a Banished Butterfly (excerpt) Mana Aghaee, b. 1973 (Sweden) My Death Come What May Woman Seeking Man Majnun Tree Partial List of Iranian Poets around the World Acknowledgments
Recent political developments, including the shadow of a new war, have obscured the fact that Iran has a long and splendid artistic tradition ranging from the visual arts to literature. Western readers may have some awareness of the Iranian novel thanks to a few breakout successes like Reading Lolita in Tehran and My Uncle Napoleon, but the country's strong poetic tradition remains little known. This anthology remedies that situation with a rich selection of recent poetry by Iranians living all around the world, including Amir-Hossein Afrasiabi: "Although the path / tracks my footsteps, / I don't travel it / for the path travels me.” Varying dramatically in style, tone, and theme, these expertly translated works include erotic divertissements by Ziba Karbassi, rigorously formal poetry by Yadollah Royaii, experimental poems by Naanaam, powerful polemics by Maryam Huleh, and the personal-epic work of Shahrouz Rashid. Eclectic and accessible, these vibrant poems deepen the often limited awareness of Iranian identity today by not only introducing readers to contemporary Iranian poetry, but also expanding the canon of significant writing in the Persian language. Belonging offers a glimpse at a complex culture through some of its finest literary talents.
Editiert von: Niloufar Talebi
ワbersetzung von: Zack Rogow, Daniel O'Connell
Niloufar Talebi founded The Translation Project (, whose mission is to bring contemporary Iranian literature to worldwide audiences in multiple languages and media. She lives in San Francisco. Zack Rogow has translated Colette's Green Wheat, Marcel Pagnol's play Marius, and other works. Dan O'Connell is an award-winning poet and the author of Different Coasts, a full-length collection of poetry on the theme of alienation.

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