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Arctic Law and Governance

The Role of China and Finland
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Timo Koivurova
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1. Introduction Timo Koivurova, QIN Tianbao,Sébastien Duyck and Tapio NykänenPart I Chinese Perspectives2. Strengthening China's Role in the Arctic Council QIN Tianbao and LI Miaomiao3. Legal Issues in Arctic Scientific Research: A Chinese Perspective Ren Shidan4. Chinese Arctic Discussion-a Micro Reading of World AffairsJulia Jalo and Tapio Nykänen5. China and Maritime Sovereignty and Rights Issues in the Arctic Xiaoyi Jiang and Xiaoguang ZhouPart II Comparison between Finland and China6. China and Finland in the Globalised Arctic Lassi Heininen7. A Common Heritage-the Place of the Arctic in the Chinese and Finnish Discourses Tapio NykänenPart III Comparison between the EU and China8. China as an Observer in the Arctic Council Timo Koivurova, Waliul Hasanat,Piotr Graczyk and Tuuli Kuusama9. Conservation of Marine Living Resources and Fisheries Management in the Arctic Sébastien Duyck10. Incentives, Practices and Opportunities for Arctic External Actors' Engagement with Indigenous Peoples Adam Stepien11. China and the Development of International Law on Arctic Shipping Nengye Liu and Kamrul Hossain12. Concluding Chapter Sébastien Duyck, Tapio Nykänen, Timo Koivurova and QIN Tianbao
The objective of this book is to identify similarities and differences between the positions of Finland (as an EU Member State) and China, on Arctic law and governance. The book compares Finnish and Chinese legal and policy stances in specific policy areas of relevance for the Arctic, including maritime sovereignty, scientific research, marine protected areas, the Svalbard Treaty and Arctic Council co-operation. Building on these findings, the book offers general conclusions on Finnish and Chinese approaches to Arctic governance and international law, as well as new theoretical insights on Arctic governance.The book is the result of a collaboration between The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (Arctic Centre, University of Lapland) and researchers from Wuhan University.

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