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Trust in International Police and Justice Cooperation

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Saskia Hufnagel
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1. Introduction Saskia Hufnagel and Carole McCartneyPart I: The Concept of Trust in International Police Cooperation2. Establishing Trust Despite the Risk? An Analysis of the Need for Trust in Police Cooperation Ludo Block3. Police Cooperation in Europe, China and Australia: Does Trust Depend on the Political System? Saskia Hufnagel4. International Policing Missions: Establishing Trustworthy Policing in Low-trust Environments Andrew Goldsmith and Vandra HarrisPart II: Trust and International Cooperation Agencies5. Trusted Travellers: Managing Mobility in Challenging Times Monica den Boer6. Brand Interpol James Sheptycki7. The Evolving Role of Europol in the Fight Against Serious Crime: Current Challenges and Future Prospects Celine Cocq and Francesca Galli8. Building Trust and More: The Importance of Police Cooperation Networks in the European Union Toine Spapens9. Trust and the International Exchange of Forensic Information Carole McCartneyPart III: Case Studies of Trust in International Cooperation10. Law Enforcement Cooperation between New Zealand and the United States: Serving the Internet 'Pirate' Kim Dotcom Up on a 'Silver Platter'? Neil Boister11. Transnational Policing and Its Contexts: Flexibility and (Dis)trust Chantal Perras12. Intelligence-led Use of International Forensic Exchange Channels Denise Sulca
The use of extra-territorial intelligence is growing among security, border, and public agencies. Internationally, rapidly evolving efforts to tackle transnational crime entail the exchange of intelligence across jurisdictions and state borders as well as the 'linking' of law enforcement operations. This book provides a number of different perspectives from across Europe, Australasia and Canada to examine recent cooperation experiences and the challenges faced in practice.The book brings together scholars from a range of legal and criminological fields to examine the legal imperatives and social parameters that shape international police and justice cooperation and highlights the importance of both trust and clear legal rules to ensure effective cooperation. It focuses on areas where cooperation is now mandated, but where significant issues are raised, including the international and regional methods of information and intelligence exchange and challenges to human rights protection; the coordination of international and regional exchange of evidence, such as forensic bioinformation; police cooperation in international investigations and the added value of formalising investigative strategies across jurisdictions regionally and internationally and the operation, accountability and legitimacy of organisations and institutions of 'cooperation' in law enforcement and specific international policing 'missions'.

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