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International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services

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Bloomsbury Publishing
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1. The Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services Andrew Boon2. The United States of America: Legal Services Regulation in the United States-A Tale of Two Models Benjamin H Barton and Deborah Rhode3. Singapore: Regulating Domestic and Foreign Lawyers-Singapore's Unified Approach Alvin Chen and Helena Whalen-Bridge4. Eire: The Lawyers of the Celtic Phoenix Maeve Hosier5. Canada: Legal Services Regulation in Canada: Plus Ça Change? Noel Semple6. New Zealand: Finding the Balance between Self-Regulation and Government Oversight Selene E Mize7. Israel: Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services in Israel Limor Zer-Gutman8. Australia: Legal Services Regulation in Australia-Innovative Co-regulation Francesca Bartlett and Linda Haller9. Germany: The Constitutional Court as the Driver of Change in the Regulation of Legal Professions Matthias Kilian10. England and Wales: Cocktails of Logics-Reform of Legal Services Regulation in England and Wales Andrew Boon11. Innovation and Change in the Regulation of Legal Services Andrew Boon
This collection explores developments in the regulation of legal services by examining the control of the markets in several key countries and in jurisdictions within countries. The contributions consider emerging adjustments in regulatory structures and methods; examine the continuing role, if any, of professionals and how this may be changing; and speculate on the future of legal services regulation in each jurisdiction. The introductory and concluding chapters draw together similarities, differences and conclusions regarding directions of change in the regulation of legal services. They consider the emergence of alternatives to professionalism as a means of regulating legal services and some implications for the rule of law.

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