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Criminologies of the Military

Militarism, National Security and Justice
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Ben Wadham
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Introduction Ben Wadham and Andrew Goldsmith1. Beyond 'Khaki Collar Crime' Ross MCGarry and Emma Murray2. Means of Advancing Militarism: Shock, Ideology and Ethos Willem de Lint3. West African Militaries and Organised CrimeGernot Klantschnig and Neil Carrier4. Private Military Contractors: A Criminological Approach Adam White5. Soldiers as Crime Fighters: The British Army in Post-War Bosnia and Kosovo Cornelius Friesendorf6. The Intersection Between International Criminal Lawand National Military/Disciplinary Law Grant Niemann7. Techniques of Naturalisation: Crime, Camouflageand Institutional Accounts of Violence in the Military Ben Wadham8. Perverse Penalities: Towards a Penology of the Military Mark Halsey and Andrew Goldsmith9. Conduct Unbecoming: Homosex, Discipline and Military Cultures in the Second World War Yorick Smaal and Graham Willett10. Framing Criminologies of the Military: An Interdisciplinary and Pedagogic Refl ection James Sheptycki and David Mutimer
This innovative collection offers one of the first analyses of criminologies of the military from an interdisciplinary perspective. While some criminologists have examined the military in relation to the area of war crimes, this collection considers a range of other important but less explored aspects such as private military actors, insurgents, paramilitary groups and the role of military forces in tackling transnational crime. Drawing upon insights from criminology, this book's editors also consider the ways the military institution harbours criminal activity within its ranks and deals with prisoners of war. The contributions, by leading experts in the field, have a broad reach and take a truly global approach to the subject.

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