The Golden Treasury

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A beautiful edition of The Golden Treasury, one of the most widely read anthologies of English Verse ever published.
Unit - 1: Book I: Elizabethan
The Golden Treasury is one of the best loved anthologies of English poetry ever published. The book was meticulously compiled by poet and scholar, Francis Turner Palgrave, in collaboration with Alfred Tennyson, who was then poet laureate. It's arranged chronologically into four books which each celebrate a different era in the evolution of English poetry. All the greats are here from Shakespeare and Milton, Marvell and Pope, Wordsworth and Keats. First published in 1861 it became the standard anthology for over 100 years. This Macmillan Collector's Library edition includes a foreword by poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, and is published to mark Macmillan's 175th anniversary

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ISBN-13 :: 9781509888764
ISBN: 1509888764
Erscheinungsjahr: 18.10.2018
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 150x93x42 mm
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