Smite: The Pantheon War

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Millions play Hi-Rez Studios' SMITE--a Massive Online Battle Arena game where gods from any different Pantheons fight it out to determine the fate of both the godly realm, and our own world.Revealed here is the never before told tale of how the conflict between the gods began--from the assassination of Zeus in Olympus, to the goddess Hel tricking Thor into leading an army against her own father Loki, to the death of Ares and the plunging of the Pantheons into all-out war!Be a god. Choose a side. Save the world . . . or destroy it!Millions play the game, and this is the first time the backstory has been told!
Autor: Jack Banish
Jack Banish is a comic book writer known for Smite. John Jackson Miller is a science-fiction writer and comic book writer known for his work on Star Wars novels and comics, and the Mass Effect, Savage Sword, and Smite series. Miller

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Autor: Jack Banish
ISBN-13 :: 9781506702339
ISBN: 1506702333
Erscheinungsjahr: 12.01.2017
Verlag: Dark Horse Comics,U.S.
Gewicht: 214g
Seiten: 88
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 171x333x8 mm, 1 Illustrations, unspecified
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