Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

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Title is also available as part of a set: Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining (978-1-4939-7132-9)
Applied Computational Geometry for Social Networks.- Basics of Social Network Model Construction and Evolution.- Crowdsourcing, Opinion Mining, Fusion and Influence Analysis.- Current and Future Research Directions.- Data Collection, Data Extraction, and Data Preparation for Social Networks Analysis and Mining.- Data Management for Social Networks and Social Media.- Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Social Networks.- Graph Theory for Social Networks (Sociograms).- History of Social Networks: Past, Present and Future.- Internet, Web 2.0, Web Services and Semantic Web.- Linear Algebra and Statistics for Social Networks.- Online Social Networks, Social Networking Sites and Social Media.- Privacy and Security Issues in Social Networks.- Sentiment Analysis and Recommender Systems.- Social Communities.- Social Network Analysis.- Social Network Applications in Business, Organizations, Industry and Case studies.- Social Network Applications in Homeland Security, Terrorism, Fraud Detection, Public Sector, Politics and Case studies.- Social Network Applications in Scientific, Engineering, Medical Domain and Case studies.- Social Network Construction, Visualization and Analysis Tools.- Spatio-Temporal Aspects in Social Networks and Social Media.- Static Versus Dynamic Networks.- Technology for Online Social Networking and Human Computer Interaction.
ar on-line communities, have created social networks of hitherto unimaginable sizes. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this unique field, the essential contributions of diverse disciplines, from computer science, mathematics, and statistics to sociology and behavioral science, are described among the 300 authoritative yet highly readable entries. Students will find a world of information and insight behind the familiar façade of the social networks in which they participate. Researchers and practitioners will benefit from a comprehensive perspective on the methodologies for analysis of constructed networks, and the data mining and machine learning techniques that have proved attractive for sophisticated knowledge discovery in complex applications. Also addressed is the application of social network methodologies to other domains, such as web networks and biological networks.
Editiert von: Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne
mining, multiagent systems, schema integration and re-engineering, social networks and XML. He received Outstanding Achievements in Supervision Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary. He closely collaborates with RBC Canada. He is married and has three daughters and two sons.

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