Regenerative Biology of the Spine and Spinal Cord

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Ambitious in its scope, this volume includes telling input from renowned experts in a high-profile field, offering detailed perspectives on the most promising approaches at the same time as acknowledging just how far this medical technology has to travel.
Comprehensive in scope
Frontiers of Spinal Cord and Spine Repair: Experimental Approaches for Repair of Spinal Cord Injury.- Stem Cell Based Strategies for Spinal Cord Injury Repair.- Strategies for Endogenous Spinal Cord Repair: HPMA Hydrogel to Recruit Migrating Endogenous Stem Cells.- Stem Cells and Spinal Cord Injury Repair.- Chronic Pain Following Spinal Cord Injury.- Repair of Radiation Damage and Radiation Injury to the Spinal Cord.- Malignancies of the Spinal Cord.- Molecular Basis of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration.- Bioceramics for Osteogenesis, Molecular and Cellular Advances.- Cell-Based Therapies for Spinal Fusion.- Clinical Efficacy of Stem Cell Mediated Osteogenesis and Bioceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering.- Progenitor Cells: Role and Usage in Bone Tissue Engineering Approaches for Spinal Fusion.
Editors hope that Regenerative Biology of the Spine and Spinal Cord appeals to the nostalgic sentiments of investigators and intellectuals in that it can be held in hand and provide a broad survey of leading edge science. At the same time its chapters can be digitally acquired for those established in the field to refine particular knowledge interests or gaps. Most importantly, we ask the reader, whomever that may be, to peruse without prejudice as countless more chapters will have been written before total spinal regeneration is achieved.
Editiert von: Mike Y. Chen, Rahul Jandial
Rahul Jandial, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery at City of Hope Cancer Center and the Beckman Research Institute in Los Angeles, California. His clinical practice focuses on the surgical and medical care for patients with brain and spinal cancer. In the laboratory his team investigates molecular and cellular approaches for improving brain tumor treatment, as well as the use of stem cell biology for spinal regeneration. A prolific author and teacher, Jandial has authored/edited 8 books and over 40 papers. He lives with his wife Danielle and their sons Zain, Kai and Ronak.

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Autor: Mike Y. Chen
ISBN-13 :: 9781493953677
ISBN: 1493953672
Erscheinungsjahr: 14.10.2016
Verlag: Springer New York
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Auflage Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2012
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