Tissue and Organ Regeneration in Adults

Extension of the Paradigm to Several Organs
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New to this second edition:
The Irreversibility of Organ Injury.- Nonregenerative Tissues.- Experimental Methods I. The Anatomically Well-Defined Wound.- Experimental Methods II. The Defect Closure Rule.- Regeneration of Skin.- Regeneration of a Peripheral Nerve.- Minimum Reactants Required for Synthesis of Skin and Peripheral Nerves; Extension to Tissues of Other  Organs.- An Antagonistic Relation Between Wound Contraction and Regeneration.- Molecular biology of contraction blockade by active scaffolds.- The Scaffold Regeneration Paradigm and its Consequences.
This textbook describes the basic principles of induced organ regeneration in skin and peripheral nerves and extends the original successful paradigm to other organs. A set of trans-organ rules is established and its use in regeneration of several organs is illustrated from the works of several independent investigators who worked with a variety of organs, such as the lung, the bladder, and the Achilles tendon, using collagen-based scaffolds somewhat similar to the original one. These critical medical treatments fill the clinical need that is not met by organ transplantation.New to this second edition:
New information extending the paradigm of tissue regeneration from organ regeneration in skin and peripheral nerves to other organs
Guidelines, known as trans-organ rules, are described for the first time for extending this unique medical treatment to organs of several medical specialties
The work serves as a comprehensive text and reference for students and practitioners of tissue engineering
Autor: Ioannis V. Yannas
Dr. Ioannis V. Yannas is a professor of Mechanical and Biological Engineering at MIT.

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Autor: Ioannis V. Yannas
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