Small Non-Coding RNAs

.1296, Methods in Molecular Biology
Methods and Protocols
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Includes cutting-edge methods and protocols
Part I Introduction to Small Non-Coding RNAs1. Small Non-Coding RNAs: A Quick Look in the Rear-View MirrorGuillaume Clerget, Yoann Abel, and Mathieu Rederstorff2. Alcoholic Precipitation of Small Non-Coding RNAsGuillaume Clerget, Valérie Bourguignon-Igel, and Mathieu Rederstorff3. Quantification and Quality Control of a Small Non-Coding RNA PreparationVirginie Marchand and Christiane Branlant4. Impact of RNA Isolation Protocols on RNA Detection by Northern BlottingKatrin Damm, Simone Bach, Katrin M. H. Müller, Gabriele Klug, Olga Y. Burenina, Elena A. Kubareva, Arnold Grünweller, and Roland K. HartmannPart II Visualization and Analysis of Small Non-Coding RNAs5. Improved Northern Blot Detection of Small RNAs Using EDC Crosslinking and DNA/LNA ProbesKatrin Damm, Simone Bach, Katrin M. H. Müller, Gabriele Klug, Olga Y. Burenina, Elena A. Kubareva, Arnold Grünweller, and Roland K. Hartmann6. Direct Cloning of Double Stranded RNAsManli Shen, Marina Falaleeva, Natalia Korotkova, and Stefan Stamm7. Detection and Labeling of Small Non-Coding RNAs by Splinted LigationGabrielle Bourgeois, Florian Chardon, Anne-Sophie Tillault, and Magali Blaud8. Fluorescence in situ Hybridization of Small Non-Coding RNAsValentin Vautrot, Christelle Aigueperse, Christiane Branlant, and Isabelle Behm-Ansmant9. RT-qPCR Based Quantification of Small Non-Coding RNAsFjoralba Zeka, Pieter Mestdagh, and Jo Vandesompele10. Stem-Loop RT-PCR Based Quantification of Small Non-Coding RNAsVéronique Salone and Mathieu Rederstorff11. miR-RACE: An Effective Approach to Accurately Determine the Sequence of Computationally Identified miRNAsChen Wang and Jinggui Fang12. Probing Small Non-Coding RNAs StructuresJean-Vincent Philippe, Lilia Ayadi, Christiane Branlant, and Isabelle Behm-AnsmantPart III High-Throughput Approaches to Study Non-Coding RNAs 13. cDNA Library Generation for the Analysis of Small RNAs by High Throughput Sequencing Jennifer Gebetsberger, Roger Fricker, and Norbert Polacek14. CLIP-seq to Discover Transcriptome-Wide Imprinting of RNA Binding Proteins in Living CellsJérôme Saulière and Hervé Le Hir15. Microarray Analysis of Small Non-Coding RNAsMichael Karbiener and Marcel ScheidelerPart IV Small Non-Coding RNAs Applications16. RLM-RACE, PPM-RACE and qRT-PCR, an Integrated Strategy to Accurately Validate miRNA Target GenesChen Wang and Jinggui Fang17. Dual Luciferase Gene Reporter Assays to Study miRNA FunctionThomas Clément, Véronique Salone, and Mathieu Rederstorff18. Gene Expression Knockdown by Transfection of siRNAs into Mammalian CellsYoann Abel and Mathieu Rederstorff19. Efficient and Selective Knockdown of Small Non-Coding RNAsXue-Hai Liang, Wen Shen, and Stanley T. Crooke20. Cell-SELEX: In Vitro Selection of Synthetic Small Specific LigandsHelena Dickinson, Melanie Lukasser, Günter Mayer, and Alexander Hüttenhofer21. Small Non-Coding RNAs and Aptamers in Diagnostics and TherapeuticsMarissa Leonard, Yijuan Zhang, and Xiaoting Zhang
This volume contains state-of-the-art methods tackling all aspects of small non-coding RNAs biology.  Small Non-Coding RNAs: Methods and Protocols guides readers through customized dedicated protocols and technologies that will be of valuable help to all those willing to contribute deciphering the numerous functions of small non-coding RNAs. Written in the highly successful Methods of Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols and key tips on troubles troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.
Editiert von: Mathieu Rederstorff
Mathieu Rederstorff, PhD Associate Professor Laboratoire IMoPA UMR 7365 CNRS/UL Equipe ARN, RNP - Maturation, Structure, Fonction - Université de Lorraine Biopôle/Campus Médecine Brabois 9 Avenue de la Forêt de Haye BP 184 54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy FRANCE Tel: +33 3 83 68 55 31 (office) +33 3 83 68 55 25 (lab) +33 6 49 12 67 11 (mobile) Fax: +33 3 83 68 55 09 (fax)

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ISBN: 1493949039
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