Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts

International and Cultural Psychology
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Bridges the cultural psychology and neuroscience disciplinesForward by Janet Bennett and Nalini Ambady, founders of this new field
Touches on a variety of topics (ex. memory, language, empathy, person perception) within this field which will likely appeal to a wider audience
Introduction.- Intergroup Relationship and Empathy for Others' Pain: A Social Neuroscience Approach.- Culture, Cognition, and Intercultural Relations.- The Neuroscience of Bilingualism: Cross-Linguistic Influences and Cognitive Effects.- Cross-cultural Reading the Mind in the Eyes and its Consequences for International Relations.- Brain-As-Predictor Approach: An Alternative Way to Explore Acculturation Processes.- Implications of Behavioral and Neuroscience Research for Cross-Cultural Training.- Intercultural Relations and the Perceptual Brain: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective.- Cultural Influences on Social and Self-Relevant Memory.- How Social Dynamics Shape Our Understanding of Reality.
This breakthrough volume brings together cultural neuroscience and intercultural relations in an expansive presentation. Its selected topics in reasoning, memory, and other key cognitive areas bridge the neuroscience behind culture-related phenomena with the complex social processes involved in seeing the world through the perspective of others. Coverage ranges beyond the familiar paradigms of acculturation and cultural differences to propose new ideas of potential benefit to the new generation of immigrants, negotiators, executives, and other travelers. Taken together, these chapters offer a deeper understanding of issues that can only become more important as the world becomes smaller and our global family larger. 
Among the topics featured: Intergroup relationship and empathy for others' pain: a social neuroscience approach.
The neuroscience of bilingualism: cross-linguistic influences and cognitive effects.
Cross-cultural reading the mind in the eyes and its consequences for international relations.
Implications of behavioral and neuroscience research for cross-cultural training.
Intercultural relations and the perceptual brain: a cognitive neuroscience perspective.
How social dynamics shape our understanding of reality.

With its elegant perspectives and empirical depth, Neuroscience in Intercultural Contexts is a forward-looking reference for researchers in the cultural sciences (cross-cultural psychologists, anthropologists, etc.) and in social, affective, and cognitive neuroscience.
Editiert von: Jason E. Warnick, Dan Landis
Jason E. Warnick is Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Arkansas Tech University, and holds a doctorate in Experimental Psychology from The University of Mississippi. He is a fellow of the International Stress and Behavior Society and on the editorial board of seven peer-reviewed journals. In 2013, he was voted by his university's student body to receive the Professor of the Year Award, and in 2014, he received the Arkansas Tech University Faculty Excellence Award for Service. Additionally, he has received awards for academic advising from the National Academic Advising Association and for online course design from the Blackboard Catalyst Award Program. His research in the fields of neuroscience and sport psychology has been published in variety of journals and edited books and has been featured in numerous media outlets.

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Autor: Jason E. Warnick
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