More than Moore Technologies for Next Generation Computer Design

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Introduces novel memories, using new materials and processing techniques, offering many advantages over dynamic memories such as traditional SRAM and e-DRAM
Impact of TSV and Device Scaling on the Quality of 3D Ics.- 3D Integration Technology.- Design and Optimization of Spin-Transfer Torque MRAMs.- Embedded STT-MRAM: Device and Design.- A Thermal and Process Variation Aware MTJ Switching Model and Its Applications in Soft Error Analysis.- Nano-Photonic Networks-on-Chip for Future Chip Multiprocessors.- Design Automation for On-chip Nanophotonic Integration.
This book provides a comprehensive overview of key technologies being used to address challenges raised by continued device scaling and the extending gap between memory and central processing unit performance. Authors discuss in detail what are known commonly as "More than Moore" (MtM), technologies, which add value to devices by incorporating functionalities that do not necessarily scale according to "Moore's Law". Coverage focuses on three key technologies needed for efficient power management and cost per performance: novel memories, 3D integration and photonic on-chip interconnect.
Editiert von: Rasit O. Topaloglu
Rasit O. Topaloglu is an Advisory R&D Engineer at IBM.

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Autor: Rasit O. Topaloglu
ISBN-13 :: 9781493921621
ISBN: 1493921622
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Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
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