On-chip High-Voltage Generator Design

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Providing detailed design techniques that enable readers to create more efficient switch-capacitor on-chip generators, this guide features comprehensive exemplar circuits and covers all the component circuit blocks including level-shifters and oscillators.
Shows readers how to design charge pump circuits with lower voltage operation, higher power efficiency, and smaller circuit area
System Overview and Key Design Considerations.- Charge Pump Circuit Theory.- Charge Pump State of the Art.- Pump Control Circuits.- System Design.
This book provides various design techniques for switched-capacitor on-chip high-voltage generators, including charge pump circuits, regulators, level shifters, references, and oscillators.  Readers will see these techniques applied to system design in order to address the challenge of how the on-chip high-voltage generator is designed for Flash memories, LCD drivers, and other semiconductor devices to optimize the entire circuit area and power efficiency with a low voltage supply, while minimizing the cost.

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Autor: Toru Tanzawa
ISBN-13 :: 9781489998095
ISBN: 1489998098
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.12.2014
Verlag: Springer New York
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Auflage 2013
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