Nonlinear Photonics and Novel Optical Phenomena

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Here, leading experts provide a comprehensive survey of fundamental concepts as well as hot topics in current research on nonlinear optical waves and related novel phenomena, including subjects such as self-accelerating airy beams and Terahertz waves..
Inclusive of cutting-edge research on nonlinear photonics and optical phenomena
Chapter 1 - Self-Accelerating Airy Beams: Generation, Control, and Applications.- Chapter 2 - Advanced Integrated Photonics in Doped Silica Glass.- Chapter 3 - Linear and Nonlinear Wave Behavior in Amorphous Photonic Lattices.- Chapter 4 - Nonlinear Control of Multi-Color Beams in Coupled Optical Waveguides.- Chapter 5 - Spatial Beam Dynamics Mediated by Hybrid Nonlinearity.- Chapter 6 - Theory of Polariton Solitons in Semiconductor Microcavities.- Chapter 7 - Observation of "True" Optical Vortices in a Laser System.- Chapter 8 - Scale-Free Optics.- Chapter 9 - Spatially Dispersive Shock Waves in Nonlinear Optics.- Chapter 10 - Nonlinear Interaction of Intense Ultrashort Filaments.- Chapter 11 - The Dawn of Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics in the Terahertz Regime.- Chapter 12 - Generation of Terahertz Radiation via Purcell Enhanced Nonlinear Frequency Mixing.- Chapter 13 - Photonic Transition in Nanophotonics.
Nonlinear Photonics and Novel Optical Phenomena contains contributed chapters from leading experts in nonlinear optics and photonics, and provides a comprehensive survey of fundamental concepts as well as hot topics in current research on nonlinear optical waves and related novel phenomena. The book covers self-accelerating airy beams, integrated photonics based on high index doped-silica glass, linear and nonlinear spatial beam dynamics in photonic lattices and waveguide arrays, the theory of polariton solitons in semiconductor microcavities, and Terahertz waves.
Editiert von: Zhigang Chen, Roberto Morandotti
Zhigang Chen is a Professor at San Francisco State University, and a specially-appointed Cheung Kong Scholar at Nankai University by the Ministry of Education in China. He earned his M.S. in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his Ph.D. in physics from Bryn Mawr College in 1995. After two years of postdoctoral work, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Research Staff Member at Princeton University in 1997. He joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at San Francisco State University in 1998, where he received early tenure and promotion to the rank of associate professor in 2002 and full professor in 2006.

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