Beginning CareKit Development
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Beginning CareKit Development

Develop CareKit Applications Using Swift
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Christopher Baxter
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Learn the basics of CareKit development from creating a simple "Hello World" app up to full fledged care plan systems

This book offers readers a fantastic introduction into creating CareKit based applications using the Swift language. It starts with the basics and provides a step-by-step guide to learning all aspects of creating a CareKit iOS application that could serve as the basis for a patient care plan.Beginning Carekit Development introduces the key modules and concepts of CareKit starting off by installing and building the open source framework. Developers will then dive deeper, learning how to implement their own care plan by example. The book will present an illness and complete care plan utilizing all the key modules. Readers will then be able to fully use CareKit to develop health care plans. This is the future of patient care and health tracking apps that put patients in control of their day to day care. Throughout the book, app developers, hardware manufacturers, and health care professionals will get tips and suggestions that show how to use and talk about this exciting new technology. The CareKit framework has the simple interface and the secure functionality that will change existing markets. Beginning Carekit Development is the guide to the new world of CareKit.What you'll learn:The basics of CareKit development from creating a simple "Hello World" app up to full fledged care plan application. How to integrate CareKit with HealthKit, ResearchKit, and other Apple devices to create an ecosystem of connected health care devices.How to assess and share treatment insights with caregivers and key contacts through CareKit with access to key health information.Who this book is for:Developers working in healthcare and medical device fields will use this book to develop medical apps meant to integrate directly with the ubiquitous Apple devices everyone has.

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