JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers

A Guide to Mobile and Desktop Application Development
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Rehan Zaidi
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Quick guide for ABAP/SAP developers to easily master JavaScript
Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript.- Chapter 2: A Step Ahead in JavaScript.- Chapter 3: Operators in JavaScript.- Chapter 4: Control Structures in JavaScript.- Chapter 5: Regular Expressions and String Methods.- Chapter 6: Functions.- Chapter 7: Doing More with Functions.- Chapter 8: Objects in JavaScript and Programming.- Chapter 9: Objects.- Chapter 10: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).- Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Topics.-
Easily master JavaScript (JS) with this quick guide and develop mobile and desktop applications for SAP Fiori. This book equips ABAP/SAP developers with the essential topics to get started with JS. The focus of JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers is on the parts of the JS language that are useful from the perspective of an ABAP developer. The book starts with a brief intro to HTML, the basics of JS, and how to create and run a simple JS program. It then dives into the details of the language, showing how to make simple programs. It covers loops in detail, mathematical operations, and string and regular expressions in JS, as well as a taste of functions, followed by objects and object-oriented programming in JavaScript. The book provides: Sample code and screenshots to help you fully understand JSA chapter on JS best practices and recommendationsDifferences and comparisons of the elements and data structures of ABAP and JavaScript to help you quickly master the material What You'll Learn Create and run a simple JavaScript programUnderstand loops, operations, and expressionsMaster the Create and Use functionsUse objects and object-oriented programming in JSApply the best practices of JS programming Who This Book Is For SAP programmers and developers, ABAP users and developers, and university students learning ABAP and JavaScript

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