The Book of Doing and Being

Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love, and Work
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A revolutionary program for breaking through blocks and tapping inner reserves of creativity for maximum performance in every area of your life.
An award-winning Hollywood film producer, Barnet Bain presents his revolutionary program for breaking through blocks andtapping inner reserves of creativity for maximum performance in every area of life.
Autor: Barnet Bain
Bain, BarnetBarnet Bain is an award-winning Hollywood producer and director, radio broadcaster, and creativity expert. He is also a contributing blogger for Huffington Post. Barnet consults and trains business leaders and private clients who are committed to high performance.
The Book of Doing and Being INTRODUCTION

When I was growing up in Canada, my dad was a butcher and my mom was a housewife. Around the dinner table, the conversation would often include talk about customers at my dad's shop, neighbors, friends, and others in our community. On occasion, the conversation would turn to Grégoire, a wedding photographer and quite a good painter with a small studio in town. The scent of photo-developing chemicals and espresso followed Grégoire wherever he went. With his scarves, long hair, and French accent, he had a romantic mystique about him. My parents always referred to him as a "freelancer"-a word that packed a lot of meaning. Most important, it meant that he had no reliable income, therefore, no safety. It was both terrifying and exciting to hear about Grégoire and how he couldn't rely on the world for money, validation, or a certain future.

Nothing about the way I was raised had any rapport with the freewheeling idea of being a freelancer, and yet I have become one. I have created a blueprint that is sufficiently differentiated from the framework of my beginnings-I created it, in part, by stepping beyond the bounds of structured imagining, which is something I'll teach you how to do in this book. And while I know there are no guarantees-no promise of assured good outcomes in my career, finances, health, love, or anything else-there is also no turning back. Even if I wanted to turn back, the line to the anchor has been cut. I'm too far from the shore, and there is no safe harbor to return to. I have to create safety, trusting that safety found within myself will show up in my experience of the world. Most of the time, I am on tranquil seas, and yet sometimes it gets stormy, tempestuous. I hit moments of stress and fear that call me to return to the trance, but I can't do it. I can only live on magic, fueled by my passion and commitment to the creative life.

When you seek out and explore creativity, as you will do by working with the exercises and practices in this book, it leads to an individualization from your original blueprint, which can be both exhilarating and unnerving at the same time. Instead of reacting to or rebelling against a framework that has been preset by others, you get to harvest what works of it and set about consciously creating the life you desire.

No matter what your vocation, you come to realize that life is a freelance affair and you no longer take anything for granted, whether it's a paycheck, a marriage vow, or your health and well-being. You discover that none of these is outside of you. You can't put them in a vault to accumulate interest and guarantee a particular future. Everything that matters to you comes from an inner reservoir that is always available in the present moment.

When you know that your whole life is a creative act, you begin to take responsibility for every piece of it. And claiming 100 percent responsibility makes everything crystal clear. You can see that each one of us is a freelancer, regardless of job title. You know that each of us is the writer and director of our own unforgettable life story.

That knowing is a fundamental shift in perception-a transformation. It happens when you are intimate enough with your past to be able to create an original framework that is yours alone, one that is as distinctive to you as your fingerprints. Living from the inside out, every facet of your life is freelance, designed by your own hand. You are a free agent. You are free.

Every act is a creative act. A relationship, a business, a screenplay, a dance, an art form, a reality-everything we know and everything we love is a constellation of creative acts.

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Autor: Barnet Bain
ISBN-13 :: 9781476785462
ISBN: 1476785465
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Verlag: Atria Books
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