Western Civilization in a Global Context: Prehistory to the Enlightenment: Sources and Documents

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A sourcebook for the study of Western civilization that situates the history of the West in a global context, via the inclusion of non-Western sources.
Introduction: Reading and Interpreting Sources 1: The Beginnings of History and the Bronze Age 2: The Ancient Near East 3: Greece and the Mediterranean World 4: The Hellenistic Age and the Rise of Rome 5: The Roman Empire 6: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism 7: Early European Civilization, Byzantine Civilization, and Islamic Civilization 8: The Transition from the Early to the High Middle Ages from the Ninth to the Eleventh Century 9: The High Middle Ages 10: The Crises of the Late Middle Ages 11: Renaissance in Europe and Ming China 12: The Beginnings of European Expansion 13: Religious Reformation in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 14: Cultural Interaction During the Age of European Expansion 15: Absolute Monarchy and Political Revolution in the Seventeenth Century 16: The Scientific Revolution and Political Theory in the Seventeenth Century 17: The Enlightenment Glossary Bibliography Index
Western Civilization in a Global Context is a source collection that introduces a comparative element to the study of Western civilization, offering students an opportunity to explore non-Western perspectives. An interesting and provocative set of readings are included, from a range of primary sources, including official documents, historical writings, literary sources, letters, speeches, interviews as well as visual sources. These different sources are carefully selected with a view to generating class discussion and providing students with a sense of the different approaches historians might take to understanding the past. Volume I covers prehistory to the Enlightenment, including sources that offer insight into the political, social, religious, cultural and intellectual history of this period. Topics covered include: - The Rise of Rome - Byzantine Civilization - The Renaissance in Europe and China - Religious Reformation - European Expansion - The Scientific Revolution To aid student engagement and understanding, the book begins with a guide to using primary sources, includes questions for discussion throughout and concludes with a glossary of key terms.
Western Civilization in a Global Context is the ideal companion for students who want to explore the contribution of non-Western cultures, and gain a more thorough understanding of the complex history of the world as a result.
Autor: Kenneth L. Campbell
Kenneth L. Campbell is Associate Professor of History at Monmouth University, USA.

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Autor: Kenneth L. Campbell
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