Fratricide in Battle

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This collection examines the subject of friendly fire through the eyes of international experts in the field.
Foreword General Lord Dannatt Acknowledgements Biographies of Contributing Authors Introduction Charles Kirke (Cranfield University, UK) Part I - The Problem 1. An Historical Analysis of Fratricide Paul Syms (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK) 2. The Fratricide Problem and the Range of Potential Solutions Charles Kirke 3. Whose Statistical Battlefield Life Is It Anyway? Fratricide as an Aspect of Risk Management in the Twenty-first Century Battlespace John Ash (formerly Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK) Part II - Understanding the Human Dimension 4. The Organization of Fratricide Dermot Rooney (Wapentake Systems Ltd, UK) 5. How can Human Factors be Exploited to Reduce the Risk of Fratricide? Claire Outteridge (QinetiQ, UK) Simon Henderson (Cranfield University, UK), Raphael Pascual (QinetiQ, UK), Paul Shanahan (GS Partnership, UK) 6. Modelling Human Factors in the Engagement Process David Dean (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) 7. The Heat of the Armoured Battle: Making the Decision to Fire Charles Kirke Part III - Tackling Fratricide 8. Preventing Air-to-Ground Fratricide Fin Monahan (RAF Leeming, UK) 9. US Combat Identification - Marching Away from Antietam? A Comprehensive Approach to Increase Combat Effectiveness and Reduce Fratricide Al Mosher (defense contractor, USA) 10. 'Judged by 12 or Carried by 6; the Soldier's Dilemma': The British Perspective on Combat Identification Andrew Gillespie (Fairway Consulting Services Ltd, UK) 11. Fratricide: a Skeptic's View Jorma Jormakka (Finnish National Defence University) Conclusion 12. So What? Where do we go Next? Charles Kirke Bibliography Index
Fratricide, or 'Friendly Fire', is a persistent and unwelcome feature in war. Can it be avoided? How can it be properly understood? Beginning with a historical analysis, Fratricide in Battle examines all aspects of the problem, covering both human and technical factors, before looking at a range of measures currently in use to tackle the issue. Charles Kirke brings together an international group of experts in the field, from both military and academic backgrounds, to provide a thorough examination of this crucial subject. Taken together, their contributions offer a comprehensive understanding of fratricide in its historical context and suggest important lessons for future generations.
Autor: Charles Kirke
Charles Kirke is Lecturer in Military Anthropology and Human Factors at Cranfield University, UK. He is author of Red Coat, Green Machine (Bloomsbury, 2009).

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Autor: Charles Kirke
ISBN-13 :: 9781472523037
ISBN: 1472523032
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.01.2014
Verlag: Bloomsbury Academic
Gewicht: 408g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 234x156x15 mm
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