Teaching Virtue: The Contribution of Religious Education

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A new vision for teaching religious education examining what eight key virtues can offer of religious value to teachers and pupils.
Foreword Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction M.C. Felderhof (University of Birmingham, UK) and P.A. Thompson (Freelance Researcher and Writer, UK) Part I: Orientations 1. The Prospective Nature of Religious Education M.C. Felderhof (University of Birmingham, UK) 2. The Need for Responsible Religious Education in a 'Value Free' Society Brenda Watson (Freelance Educationalist and Writer, UK) 3. Virtue Ethics: Background and Current Popularity David Carr (University of Edinburgh, UK) 4. The Demise and Rebirth of Moral Education in English Religious Education L. Philip Barnes (King's College London, UK) Part II: Dispositions 5. Being Honest (Foundational) Brenda Watson (Freelance Educationalist and Writer, UK) 6. Being Compassionate (Looking to Others) Rod Garner (Diocese of Liverpool, UK) 7. Being Just (Relationships with Others) William K. Kay (Glyndwr University, UK) 8. Being Courageous (Required by the Pursuit of Justice) Ieuan Lloyd (University of Birmingham, UK) 9. Being Hopeful (Looking to Positive Outcomes of Actions) Penny Thompson (freelance writer and researcher, UK) 10. Being Temperate (Moderating Actions) M.C. Felderhof (University of Birmingham, UK) 11. Being Wise (Achieving a Balance) Joe Houston (University of Glasgow, UK) 12. Being Faithful (Being True to One's Calling) Jeff Astley (North of England Institute for Christian Education, UK) Part III: Exemplars Lesson Exemplars Appendix: The Birmingham Religious Education Survey, Penny Jennings (Freelance Researcher and Educationalist) References Index
In much of the world, religious traditions are seriously valued but, in the context of religious plurality, this sets educationalists an enormous challenge. This book provides a way forward in exploring religious life whilst showing how bridges might be built between diverse religious traditions. Teaching Virtue puts engagement with religious life - and virtue ethics - at the heart of religious education, encouraging 'learning from' religion rather than 'learning about' religion. The authors focus on eight key virtues, examining these for what they can offer of religious value to pupils and teachers. Individual chapters put the discussion into context by offering a vision of what religious education in the future could look like; the need for responsible religious education; a historical review of moral education and an introduction to virtue ethics. Lesson plans and examples demonstrate how the virtues may be approached in the classroom, making it an invaluable guide for all involved in teaching religious education.
Editiert von: Marius Felderhof, Penny Thompson
Marius Felderhof is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham, UK. Penny Thompson is a freelance writer and researcher in religious education, based in the UK.

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