Multimodal Teaching and Learning

The Rhetorics of the Science Classroom
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Drawing on extensive research in science classrooms, it presents a view of communication in which language is not necessarily communication - image, gesture, speech, writing, models, spatial and bodily codes
Introduction 1. Rhetorics of the Science Classroom: A Multimodal Approach 2. Multimodality 3. Analysing Action in the Science Classroom 4. Shapes of Knowledge 5. Rethinking Learning in the Multimodal Environment: Learning to Be Scientific 6. Written Genres and the Transformation of Multimodal Communication: Students' Signs as Evidence of Learning 7. Materiality as an Expression of Learning 8. Conclusion
This work takes a radically different look at communication, and in doing so presents a series of challenges to accepted views on language, on communication, on teaching, and, above all, on learning.
Autor: Gunther Kress, Carey Jewitt, Jon Ogborn, Tsatsarelis Charalampos
Gunther Kress is a Professor, Culture Communication and Societies, Institute of Education, University of London. Carey Jewitt is a Senior Researcher, Culture Communication and Societies, Institute of Education, University of London. Jon Ogborn is Professor of Science Education, University of Sussex. Charalampos Tsatsarelis is Director of Research and Developments Centre, The Ziridis Schools, Athens.

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Autor: Gunther Kress
ISBN-13 :: 9781472522719
ISBN: 1472522710
Erscheinungsjahr: 17.07.2014
Verlag: Bloomsbury Academic
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Sprache: Englisch
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