Language Ideologies and the Globalization of 'Standard' Span

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Critically analyses press discourse in which the Real Academia Espa ola promotes a global vision of the Spanish language.
1. Introduction 2. Language ideologies, critical discourse analysis and press discourse 3. Language authorities and the standardisation of Spanish 4. Linguistic unity and the global community of speakers 5. The role and authority of the Real Academia Espa ola and other guardians of Spanish 6. The Spanish language in the world 7. Conclusions Bibliography Index
This book examines how language ideologies are manifested in newspaper media. Using the Spanish press as a case study it considers how media discourse both from and about the Real Academia Espa ola constitutes a set of 'language ideological debates' in which the institution represents a vision of what the Spanish language is and what it should be like. Paffey adopts a Critical Discourse Analysis approach to a large corpus of texts from Spain's best-selling daily newspapers, El Pa s and ABC. More generally, the book sheds light on how institutions produce and maintain visions of 'standard language' in the contemporary context. A global language, such as Spanish, is by nature more widely used outside of the nation state in question than in it. The book covers recent research on language ideologies, standardization and CDA and considers the application of these to three core discursive themes: language unity and a concept of a 'panhispanic' speech community; the RAE's construction of its authority; and institutional ideologies and management of language on a global scale.
Autor: Darren Paffey
Darren Paffey is a Lecturer in Spanish and Linguistics at the University of Southampton, UK.

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Autor: Darren Paffey
ISBN-13 :: 9781472522573
ISBN: 1472522575
Erscheinungsjahr: 13.03.2014
Verlag: Bloomsbury Academic
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Sprache: Englisch
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