Plato and Nietzsche: Their Philosophical Art

Bloomsbury Studies in Continen
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The first full-length treatment in English of the ideas of Plato and Nietzsche for anyone approaching Nietzsche's work with an understanding of Plato, and those interested in Plato with an exploration of Nietzsche's many criticisms of Platonic philosophy.
Preface Acknowledgements Conventions Introduction 1. Art and Reason 2. Being 4. Becoming 5. Noble and Good 6. Sophia and Philosophia Notes Bibliography Index
It is commonly known that Nietzsche is one of Plato's primary philosophical antagonists, yet there is no full-length treatment in English of their ideas in dialogue and debate. 'Plato and Nietzsche' is an advanced introduction to these two thinkers, with original insights and arguments interspersed throughout the text.
Autor: Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Director of Classics at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He is the author of Pure: Modernity, Philosophy, and the One (2009) and translator of selections from Plato's "myths" in Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: A Sourcebook of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Myths in Translation, edited by Carolina L pez-Ruiz (2013).

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Autor: Mark Anderson
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