The Boer War

London to Ladysmith via Pretoria and Ian Hamilton's March
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Winston Churchill
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Bloomsbury Revelations

London to Ladysmith Foreword I. Steaming South II.The State of the Game III. Along the Southern Frontier IV.In Nata IV. A Cruise in the Armoured Train VI. Distant Guns VII. The Fate of the Armoured Train VIII. Prisoners of War IX. Through the Dutch Camps X. In Afrikander Bonds XI. I Escape from the Boers XII. Back to the British Lines XIII. Christmas and New Year XIV. A Military Demonstration and Some Good News XV. The Dash for Potgieter's Ferry XVI. Trichardt's Drift and the Affair of Acton Homes XVII. The Battle of Spion Kop XVIII. Through the Five Days' Action XIX. A Fresh Effort and an Army Chaplain XX. The Combat of Vall Krantz XXI. Hussar Hill XXII. The Engagement of Monte Cristo XXIII. The Passage of Tugela XXIV. The Battle of Pieters: The Third Day XXV. Upon Majuba Day XXVI. The Relief of Ladysmith XXVII. After the Siege Ian Hamilton's March I. A Roving Commission II. Exit General Gatacre III. At Half-Way House IV. Two Days with Brabazon V. Two Days with Brabazon - continued VI. The Dewetsdorp Episode VII. Ian Hamilton's March VIII. Ian Hamilton IX. The Action of Houtnek X. The Army of the Right Flank XI. Lindley XII. Concerning a Boer Convoy XIII. Action of Johannesburg XIV. The Fall of Johannesburg XV. The Capture of Pretoria XVI. "Held by the Enemy" XVII. Action of Diamond Hill Appendix: Composition of Lieut.-General Ian Hamilton's Force Index
Winston Churchill's eyewitness reports from the front-line of the Boer War of 1899-1902, now available as part of the "Bloomsbury Revelations" series.

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