Honour, Violence and Emotions in History

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A collection of 13 original essays that explore the historical interplay of honour, violence and emotion.
Acknowledgments 1. Historical Perspectives on Honour, Violence, and Emotion Carolyn Strange (Australian National University) and Robert Cribb (Australian National University) 2. The Severed Head Speaks: Death, Revenge, Moral Heroism, and Martyrdom in 16th - 17th century China C.D. Alison Bailey (University of British Columbia, Canada) 3. From Honour to Virtue: The Shifting Social Logics of Masculinity and Honour in Early Modern Sweden Jonas Liliequist (Ume University, Sweden) 4. 'For the shame of the World, and fear of her Mother's Anger': Emotion and Child Murder in England and Scotland in the Long Eighteenth Century Dana Rabin (University of Illinois, USA) 5. 'Unbridled Passions', Honour and Status in Late 18TH Century Cape Town Nigel Worden (University of Cape Town, South Africa) 6. Death on a River: Honour and Violence in an Australian Penal Colony, 1826-7 Penny Russell (University of Sydney, Australia) 7. Of Clubs and Whiskers: Young Men, Honour, and Violence in the Backlands of Northeast Brazil, 1865-1889 Martha S. Santos (University of Akron, USA) 8. Emotion, Gender and Honour in a Fin-de-Si cle Crime of Passion: The Case of Marie Bi re Eliza Earle Ferguson (University of New Mexico, USA) 9. Deeper than the Death: Chaste Suicide, Emotions, and Politics of Honour in Nineteenth-Century Korea Jungwon Kim (Columbia University, USA) 10. How the Duel of Honour Promoted Civility and Attenuated Violence in Western Europe Robert A. Nye (Oregon State University, USA) Afterword Carolyn Strange Index
This text studies the connections between honour and violence by exploring their history across a broad range of cultures and regions, and by analysing those connections in light of emerging cross-disciplinary scholarship on the study of emotions.
Editiert von: Carolyn Strange, Robert Cribb, Christopher E. Forth
Carolyn Strange is Graduate Director and Senior Fellow in the School of History at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Robert Cribb is Professor in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Christopher E. Forth is Professor of History and holds the Howard Chair of Humanities & Western Civilization at the University of Kansas, USA.

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