Urban Political Economy

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Preface Part I: Urban Politics and Economic Policy 1. Does Politics Matter? L. J. Sharpe (University of Oxford, UK) 2. Transforming Needs into Expenditure Decisions,Tore Hansen (University of Oslo, Norway) 3. Party Influence on Local Spending in Denmark, Carl-Johan Skovsgaard (University of Aarhus, Denmark) 4. Economics, Politics and Policy in Norwegian Communes, Stein Kuhnle (University of Bergen, Norway) Part II: Urban Systems and Public Services 5. The Urban System, Politics and Policy in Belgian Citiesm Michael Aiken (University of Wisconsin, USA) and Roper Depre (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) 6. Central Places and Urban Services, Kenneth Newton (University of Southampton, UK) Part III: Debts, Cuts, and Crises 7. Fiscal Strain and American Cities: Six Basic Processes, Terry Nichols-Clark (University of Chicago, USA) 8. Fiscal Strian in American Cities: Some Limitations on Popular Explanations, Lorna Crowley Ferguson (University of Chicago, USA) 9. Urban Management and Fiscal Stringency: United States and Britain, Andrew D. Glassberg (University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA) 10. Cities, Capital, and Banks: The Politics of Debt in the USA, UK, and France, Alberta Sbragia (University of Pittsburgh, USA) About the Authors

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