International Trade Theories and the Evolving International Economy

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List of Tables List of Figures Acknowledgements Preface Part I: Trade and the International Economy 1. Boundary-transcending Technologies, Trade Development and the Micro-structural Activities of Firms 2. Borders, National Industrial Structures and International Trade Relations 3. The Changing Parameters of External Trade: The Integration and Growth of the International Economy in Historical Perspective Part II: General Theoretical Approaches to the Explanation of Trade Flows 4. Methodological Aspects of Conventional Explanations of International Trade Flows 5. The Classical Concept of Comarative Advantage: The Cosmopolitan Model of National Industrial Specialisation and International Exchange 6. The Neo-classical Heckscher-Ohlin Theory 7. Post-Leontief Orthodox Trade Explanations and Models Part III: The Structural Transformation of the International Trading System and Analyses of Specific Economic Relationships 8. International 'Competitiveness' and 'Revealed' Comparative Advantage 9. Modern Industrial Trade Structures and their New Orientations for Trade Theory 10. The Analysis of Dependent Trade Relationships as an Outcome of International Exchange Appendix: The Fragmentation of Sovereignty: Countries of the World by Region, Year of Independence, and Size of Population Bibliography Index
"International Trade Theories and the Evolving International Economy" provides a much-needed from which to approach this topic, offering a self-contained introduction to the subject of international trade theory. Drawing on a broad range of material this book provides the students with a well-rounded and more broadly informed view of the subject.

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