Microbial DNA and Host Immunity

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Part I. Introduction
Immunostimulatory DNA: An Overview
Eyal Raz

Historical Perspectives
Saburo Yamamoto, Toshiko Yamamoto, and Tohru Tokunaga

Part II. Receptors and Signaling

Signal Transduction Pathways Activated by CpG-DNA
Hans Häcker

A Novel Toll-Like Receptor that Recognizes Bacterial DNA
Hiroaki Hemmi and Shizuo Akira

Activation of Innate Immunity by Microbial Nucleic Acids
Wen-Ming Chu, Xing Gong, and Tony Yoon

Phosphorothioate Backbone Modification Changes the Pattern of Responses to CpG
Katryn J. Stacey, David P. Sester, Shalin Naik, Tara L. Roberts, Matthew J. Sweet, and David A. Hume

Part III. Cell Activation

Activation of NK Cell by Immunostimulatory Oligo-DNA in Mouse and Human
Saburo Yamamoto, Toshiko Yamamoto, Tetsuro Kataoka, Sumiko Iho, and Tohru Tokunaga

Regulation of Antigen Presenting Cell Function by CpG-DNA
David Askew, Rose S. Chu, and Clifford V. Harding

Activation of B Cells by CpG Motifs in Bacterial DNA, Ae-Kyung Yi and Arthur M. Krieg

IFN-Dependent Pathways for Stimulation of Memory CD8+ Cells
Jonathan Sprent

Cross Priming of CD8+ T Cells by Immunostimulatory Sequence DNA
Hearn Jay Cho, Sandip Datta, and Eyal Raz

Part IV. Vaccination Strategies

The Th1 Adjuvant Effect of Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences
Maripat Corr and Chih Min Tang

Immunostimulatory DNA Pre-Priming for the Induction of Th1 and Prevention of Th2 Biased Immune Responses
Hiroko Kobayashi, Elena Martin-Orozco, Kenji Takabayashi, and Anthony A. Horner

Protein-Immunostimulatory DNA-Conjugate: A Novel Immunogen
Kenji Takabayashi, Helen Tighe, Lucinda Beck, and Hans L. Spiegelberg

Immunostimulatory DNA Sequence-Based Mucosal Vaccines
Anthony A. Horner

Enhancement of the Immunoadjuvant Activity ofImmunostimulatory DNA Sequence by Liposomal Delivery
Eli Kedar, Igal Louria-Hayon, Aviva Joseph, Zichria Zakay-Rones, Tomoko Hayashi, Kenji Takabayashi, and Yechezkel Barenholz.

Immunostimulatory Sequences in Plasmid Vectors
Christina C. N. Wu, Chih Min Tang, Brian Crain, and Maripat Corr

Part V. Applications-Infectious Disease

Comparison of CpG DNA with Other Adjuvants for Vaccination Against Hepatitis B
Michael J. McCluskie, Risini D. Weeratna, and Heather L. Davis

Immunostimulatory DNA-Based Immunization: Hope for an HIV Vaccine?
Sandip K. Datta, Anthony A. Horner, Kenji Takabayashi, and Eyal Raz

Immunoprotective Activity of CpG Oligonucleotides
Dennis M. Klinman, Ken J. Ishii, and Ihsan Gursel

Protective Immunity of Immunostimulatory Sequences Against Mycobacterial Infection
Tomoko Hayashi, Christine H. Tran, Lucinda Beck, Savita Rao, and Antonino Cantanzaro

Part VI. Applications-Allergy

DNA-Based Immunotherapeutics for Allergic Disease
Anthony A. Horner and Eyal Raz

Immunostimulatory DNA for Allergic Asthma
Reid K. Ikeda, Kenji Takabayashi, and David Broide

CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides in Asthma
Kunihiko Kitagaki and Joel N. Kline

Modulation of Allergic Conjunctivitis by Immunostimulatory DNA Sequence Oligonucleotides
Andrea Keane-Myers and Chi-Chao Chan

Part VII. Applications-Cancer

CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides and Monoclonal Antibody Therapy of Lymphoma
Thomas L. Warren and George J. Weiner

Part VIII. Inflammation and Autoimmunity

The Antigenicity of Bacterial DNA
David S. Pisetsky

Inflammatogenic Properties of Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences
Andrej Tarkowski, L. Vincent Collins, Guo-Min Deng, and Leno Mölne

The Role of Immunostimulatory DNA Sequences in Arthritis
Sarah T.A. Roord, Arash Ronaghy, Berent J.
Leading researchers review the activation of the mammalian immune system by bacterial DNA and its immunostimulatory sequences (ISS), and consider the applications of ISS in clinical medicine. The authors survey the latest findings concerning the receptor-recognition and signaling pathways triggered by ISS , the process of cell activation, and the potential vaccination strategies using ISS. Specific pharmaceutical applications discussed include infectious disease (Hepatitis B, HIV, and mycobacterial infections), allergy (asthma and conjunctivitis), cancer (lymphoma), and inflammation and autoimmunity (arthritis and colitis).

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