Environmental and Functional Engineering of Agricultural Buildings

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H. Barre
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1 Heat Transfer.- The Nature of Heat-Units of Measure.- Heat Transfer.- Conduction.- Radiation.- Convection.- Symbols Used in Chapter 1.- Problems.- 2 Heat Flow Through Walls.- Wall Construction-Heat Conductance.- Heat Transmission Coefficients for Walls.- Symbols Used in Chapter 2.- Problems.- 3 Psychrometrics.- Air-Water Vapor Mixtures.- Symbols Used in Chapter 3.- Problems.- 4 Moisture Condensation in Walls.- Temperature Gradient.- Condensation on Wall Surfaces.- Condensation within Walls.- Laboratory and Field Observations.- Symbols Used in Chapter 4.- Problems.- 5 Estimating Heating and Cooling Loads.- Heat Flow through Enclosures.- Design Temperatures.- Solar Radiation.- Total Solar Radiation /t.- Building Surface Characteristics (?/ fo).- Heat Sources in Buildings.- Seasonal Heat Load.- Symbols Used in Chapter 5.- Problems.- 6 Reactions of Animals to Thermal and Other Environmental Factors.- Homeostasis.- Environmental Parameters.- Productive and Physiological Parameters.- Heat Production and Dissipation.- Some Specific Animal Reactions.- Symbols Used in Chapter 6.- 7 Principles of Crop and Food Preservation and Storage.- Preservation Methods.- Problems.- 8 Ventilation.- Estimating Air Flow Rate.- Heat Balances in Ventilation.- Ventilation Systems.- Natural Ventilation.- Forced Ventilation.- Symbols Used in Chapter 8.- Problems.- 9 Drying and Cooling Stored Crops.- Moisture Content.- The Drying Process.- Theoretical Analysis.- Cooling Stored Products.- Symbols Used in Chapter 9.- Problems.- 10 Livestock Waste Management.- Waste Generation by Livestock.- Collecting Livestock Wastes.- Storage.- Gases and Odors from Wastes.- Treatment.- Symbols Used in Chapter 10.- Problems.- 11 Dairy Housing.- Environment.- Sanitation.- Space Requirements.- Arrangement of Space.- Storage.- Ventilation.- Problems.- 12 Swine Housing.- Basic Considerations.- Building Systems.- Ventilation.- Manure Handling.- 13 Storage of Fruits and Vegetables.- Ventilated Storage.- Refrigerated Storage.- Functional Requirements of Apple Storage.- Rate of Cooling.- Symbols Used in Chapter 13.- Problems.- 14 Grain Storage.- Conditioning Moist Grains in Storage.- Aerating Stored Grain.- Grain Storage and Handling Systems.- Symbols Used in Chapter 14.- Problems.- Appendixes.
This book has been written as a textbook for students seeking a professional degree in agricultural engineering. The authors believe that for students with this objective the course of study should be primarily analytical, rather than descriptive, and that the analytical approach should apply not only to ideas but also to quantitative procedures and computations. We recognize that sound analysis, particularly in applied fields, is based on the understanding of theoretical principles and on knowledge of many practical considerations. We have tried to maintain a good balance between the preparation of theory and practice, but we favor emphasis of theoretical considerations on the basis that they usually are not mastered except in an organized course of study, whereas practical knowledge is more easily assimilated. To present both theory and practice makes heavy demands on class time and textbook space. For this reason it has been possible to treat in detail only a few typical environmental systems for livestock housing and storing agricultural products as a means of illustrating methods of analysis and the application of principles. It is presumed, however, that such study will prepare the student for work with other types of structures.

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