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Mademoiselle Fleur DuPre despite having parents owning world famous race horses and a stud farm in Paris also paternal grandparents who owned a prestigious jeweller's store in Paris and London, had always worked hard from starting school through to being 24 years She won the Haute Couture College Honours Degree for best student in the three year course, and the prestigious Star Award for her designing and making three wedding gowns she had been asked to create for her final examinations. Madame Merle Veneto, a very famous celebrity film star before marrying, as she was driving home heard this announcement on her radio and she was thrilled. Her eldest daughter Francoise was getting married in eight months and hadn't found a design of a gown to please her. With permission from the College they contacted Fleur and the result was Fleur was given her first order to design and make the wedding and evening celebration gowns. Francoise next requested Fleur's advice for a tiara, Fleur's grandparents suggested a trusted colleague and friend Greg Wood to design and make this.
Fleur who was Cordon Bleu trained at her Finishing School, whilst at her grandparents in London offered to cook dinner for them and invited Mr. Wood as her thank you for helping her. Fleur's grandparents also invited widower Greg's son Dominic having known him from being a young boy. Dominic at 32 years had through hard work and commitment owned a construction building business. Fleur and Dominic fell in love. In a few years time Fleur's grandparents were leaving their home to her and they had given permission for her to have a workshop built on for her London business. She asked Dominic to build this and came to London most Sundays to be with him and her grandparents. Fleur's parents enforced a two month separation. Although they and Fleur's brothers had known Dominic and admired and trusted him, they wanted Fleur with just finishing her education and not mixing with young men to have the opportunity of meeting other young men. They were re-assured of their committed love for each other and that Fleur wouldn't be always looking over her shoulder fearful where Dominic was or with.
This story covers despite affluence through sheer hard work of the main characters, their lives were shadowed by tragedies and how with love and support they are enabled to not forget their loved ones, but put the past behind. Samantha writes from her heart and with humour her understanding of people's needs. She loves all her characters she has created, especially dishy Signor Dante Deantue! She hopes you do also.

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