In Search of True Virtue

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In search of true virtue is written in the spirit of engagement, and not indoctrination. It is intended to engage the reader, rather than dictating to the reader what ought to be. As life is full of mysteries and speculations, followers and conformers are bound to get the short end of the stick. This book is a culmination of multiple and diverse schools of thought, ranging from music, gymnastics, mass-media, philosophy, politics, religion, social sciences, mathematics, relationships to love, and many more related subjects of human interest. All these above-mentioned disciplines have inspired this noble crusade to seek true virtue, for without it - there is no hope for humanity at salvation. The book's key argument and submission is that, if something is upright, it is upright, and if something is tilted, it is tilted, it does not matter the amount of noise one can nake in contestation of that premise. The book is more a social and spiritual movement aimed at conscience, and sparking the nerve to re-examine our loyalties and allegiances in life. This book is not just a semi-literary work intending to pass some few good comments, and leave things at that.
The idea is for people to get into the habit of observation, analysis, reflection and examination. In all we do, we ought to return to ourselves and ask this question - is this the best I have to offer, or was that the best I could do? The book intends to facilitate discourse with regard to spiritual engineering from a social and partly philosophical perspective, and not from the traditional-religious perspective. Enjoy.

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