Safety of Nanomaterials Along Their Lifecycle: Release, Exposure, and Human Hazards

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CHARACTERIZATION As-Produced: Intrinsic Physico-Chemical Properties and Appropriate Characterization Tools; Emilia Izak-Nau and Matthias Voetz Characterization Methods for the Determination of Inhalation Exposure to Airborne Nanomaterials; Christof Asbach Classification Strategies for Regulatory Nanodefinitions; Wendel Wohlleben and Philipp Muller Analyzing the Biological Entity of Nanomaterials: Characterization of Nanomaterial Properties in Biological Matrices; Christian A. Ruge, Marc D. Driessen, Andrea Haase, Ulrich F. Schaefer, Andreas Luch, and Claus-Michael Lehr HAZARD ASSESSMENT FOR HUMANS Lessons Learned from Unintentional Aerosols; Joseph Brain Lessons Learned from Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials; Emad Malaeksefat, Sarah Barthold, Brigitta Loretz, and Claus-Michael Lehr Measurement of Nanoparticle Uptake by Alveolar Macrophages: A New Approach Based on Quantitative Image Analysis; Darius Schippritt, Hans-Gerd Lipinski, and Martin Wiemann Toxicological Effects of Metal Oxide Nanomaterials; Daniela Hahn, Martin Wiemann, Andrea Haase, Rainer Ossig, Francesca Alessandrini, Lan Ma-Hock, Robert Landsiedel, Marlies Nern, Antje Vennemann, Marc D. Driesse Toxicological Effects of Metal Nanomaterials; Rainer Ossig, Daniela Hahn, Martin Wiemann, Marc D. Driessen, Andrea Haase, Andreas Luch, Antje Vennemann, Elke Dopp Marlies Nern, and Jurgen Schnekenburger Uptake and Effects of Carbon Nanotubes; James C. Bonner EMISSION AND EXPOSURE ALONG THE LIFECYCLE Measurement and Monitoring Strategy for Assessing Workplace Exposure to Airborne Nanomaterials; Christoph Asbach, Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch, Burkhard Stahlmecke, Heinz Kaminski, Heinz J. Kiesling, Matthias Voetz, Dirk Dahmann, Uwe Gotz, Nico Dziurowitz, and Sabine Plitzko Release from Composites by Mechanical and Thermal Treatment: Test Methods; Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch and Heinz Kaminski Field and Laboratory Measurements Related to Occupational and Consumer Exposures; Derk Brouwer, Eelco Kuijpers, Cindy Bekker, Christof Asbach, and Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch Mechanisms of Aging and Release from Weathered Nanocomposites; Tinh Nguyen, Wendel Wohlleben, and Lipiin Sung Emissions from Consumer Products Containing Engineered Nanomaterials over Their Life Cycle; Bernd Nowack INTEGRATING CASE STUDIES ON METHODS AND MATERIALS Concern-Driven Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials: An Integrated Approach Using Material Properties, Hazard, Biokinetic, and Exposure Data and Considerations on Grouping and Read-Across; Agnes Oomen, Peter Bos, and Robert Landsiedel Case Study: Paints and Lacquers with Silica Nanoparticles; Keld A. Jensen and Anne T. Saber Case Study: The Life Cycle of Conductive Plastics Based on Carbon Nanotubes; Richard Canady and Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch Case Study: Challenges in Human Health Hazard and Risk Assessment of Nanoscale Silver; Christian Riebeling and Carsten Kneuer
The incorporation of nanomaterials into products can improve performance, efficiency, and durability in various fields ranging from construction, energy management, catalysis, microelectronics, plastics, coatings, and paints to consumer articles such as foods and cosmetics. But innovation never comes at zero risk. The potential hazards resulting from human exposure during production, use, or disposal has raised concerns and targeted research early on. Safety of Nanomaterials along Their Lifecycle: Release, Exposure, and Human Hazards presents the state of the art in nanosafety research from a lifecycle perspective. Although major knowledge gaps still exist, solid data are now available to identify scenarios of critical risk as well as those of safe nanomaterial use for our benefit. The book is divided into four parts: characterization, hazard, release and exposure, and real-life case studies. To improve coherence throughout the book, various chapters review the same suite of well-characterized, judiciously chosen, and identical industrial nanomaterials.
The book is a helpful resource to professionals in product development, industrial design, regulatory agencies, and materials scientists and engineers involved in the safety of nanomaterials.
Editiert von: Wendel Wohlleben, Thomas Kuhlbusch, Juergen Schnekenburger
Edited by Wendel Wohlleben, Advanced Materials and Systems Research, Department of Material Physics, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany Thomas A.J. Kuhlbusch, Air Quality and Sustainable Nanotechnology Unit, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) e.V, Duisburg, Germany Jurgen Schnekenburger, Biomedical Technology Center, Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat, Munster, Germany Claus-Michael Lehr, Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany

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