Game Magic: A Designer's Guide to Magic Systems in Theory and Practice

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How to Use This Book Who Is This Book For? A Note on Audience, and a Symbolic Key of Intended Audiences Triangulating Game Magic Magic Systems in Theory and Practice Putting the Magic Back in Magic Systems A History of Game Magic Systems Occult Magic and Game Magic Magical Grammars Ritual and Symbolic Correspondences Ritual and Multimodal Input Rituals as Puzzles From Exemplary Game Magic Systems to Code Recipes Magic Systems and Language Interactive Fiction and Enchanter St eve Jackson 's Sorcery! and Gamebooks Modern Magical IF From Roguelikes to Recipes The Runes of Dungeon Master Sorcerian The Incantations of Wizardry The Magical Syllables of the Ultima Series Spell Reagent s in the Ultima Series The Magical Language and World Simulation of Ultima Underworld Ultima VIII Loom and Music as Magic Stonekeep Arx Fatalis User-Generated Magic and the Elder Scrolls The Void The Legend of Grimrock Dishonored Magicka Magical Gestures Magic in MMORPGs The Magic of Alternative Controllers Augmented REALITY and Location-Based Magic Schools of Game Magic Chapter Summary The Schools of Magic Beyond the Four Elements Mage and Vampire's Alternative Spheres and Disciplines Eternal Darkness The Colors of Magic Mythology and Schools of Magic Colors of the Tree of Life Planar Magic Alternative Schools of Magic and World Simulation Schools of Magic and Magical Character Customization Magical Combat Magic as Programming, Programming as Magic Arcana: A Ceremonial Magick Simulator Recipe: Combining Linguistic Elements through an Array Game Design Lessons from Occult Magic Occult Ritual Flowcharts Mapping the Do mains of Ritual Traditions through Pie Graphs Occult Magic and Game Interactivity The Occult History of Symbolic Correspondences Videogames and the History of Ritual Iamblichus and Neo-Platonic Magic Writing Game Incantations and the Barbarous Names of Evocation Viking Magic and Runes Enochian Sigils Magical Level Design and Ritual Space Game Spell Foci and Ritual Objects Ancient Egypt an Magic Magical Books: Grimoires Modern Grimoires, Modern Practices A Videogame Designer's Guide to Non-Digital Game Magic The Magic of Ancient Games Chainmail, Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Ars Magica White Wolf, the World of Darkness, and Mage Occult Role-Playing: Unknown Armies, Malefices, and Nephilim Taking Performative Magic to the Next Level in the Palladium Fantasy RPG Adapting Game Magic from the Literature of the Fantastic Procedural Adaptation Tolkien Pulp Magic: Robert Howard's Conan, Fritz Leiber True Names and Ursula Le Guin H.P. Lovecraft and Chaos Magic Jack Vance and Vancian Magic Larry Niven and Mana Roger Zelazny Chronicles of Amber (Planar Magic and Tarot) Michael Moorcock and Elric's Ritual Dragonlance and the Moon-Based Magic of Krynn Death Gate and Quantum Magic Harry Potter A Song of Ice and Fire Contemporary Magical World-Building Comic Magic Fantasy, Games, and Magical World-Building Works Cited Appendix A: A Magic System Worksheet Appendix B: Timelines Index
Make More Immersive and Engaging Magic Systems in Games Game Magic: A Designer's Guide to Magic Systems in Theory and Practice explains how to construct magic systems and presents a compendium of arcane lore, encompassing the theory, history, and structure of magic systems in games and human belief. The author combines rigorous scholarly analysis with practical game design advice in the form of a magical recipe book (grimoire). The book gives you an in-depth understanding of the history and structure of magic to make your games richer and deeper. It shows how to set up tables of correspondences and spell components as well as how to write programming code integrating these components as part of game mechanics. It also illustrates how to divide a simulated world into domains of influence (such as alteration, conjuration, and necromancy) and how to use specific rule systems to simulate powers within these realms. Showing you how to weave compelling magic into your games, the book is interspersed with examples that illustrate how to design and program magic systems. Working examples are available for download on a supporting website.

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Autor: Jeff Howard
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ISBN: 1466567856
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