Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 7

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Domain 1: TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORK SECURITY Communications and Network Security 1. Securing the Grid; Terry Komperda Network Attacks and Countermeasures 2. Attacks in Mobile Environments; Noureddine Boudriga Domain 2: INFORMATION SECURITY GOVERNANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT Security Management Concepts and Principles 3. Security in the Cloud; Sandy Bacik 4. Getting the Best Out of Information Security Projects; Todd Fitzgerald 5. Mobility and Its Impact on Enterprise Security; Prashanth Venkatesh and Balaji Raghunathan 6. An Introduction to Digital Rights Management; Ashutosh Saxena and Ravi Sankar Veerubhotla 7. Information Security on the Cheap; Beau Woods 8. Organizational Behavior (Including Institutions) Can Cultivate Your Information Security Program; Robert K. Pittman, Jr. 9. Metrics for Monitoring; Sandy Bacik Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines 10. Security Implications of Bring Your Own Device, IT Consumerization, and Managing User Choices; Sandy Bacik 11. Information Assurance: Open Research Questions and Future Directions; Seth J. Kinnett Security Awareness Training 12. Protecting Us from Us: Human Firewall Vulnerability Assessments; Ken M. Shaurette and Tom Schleppenbach Domain 3: APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SECURITY Application Issues 13. Service-Oriented Architecture; Walter B. Williams Systems Development Controls 14. Managing the Security Testing Process; Anthony Meholic 15. Security and Resilience in the Software Development Life Cycle; Mark S. Merkow and Lakshmikanth Raghavan Domain 4: CRYPTOGRAPHY Cryptographic Concepts, Methodologies, and Practices 16. Cloud Cryptography; Jeff Stapleton Domain 5: SECURITY ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN Principles of Security Models, Architectures, and Evaluation Criteria 17. Identity and Access Management Architecture; Jeff Crume 18. FedRAMP SM: Entry or Exit Ramp for Cloud Security?; Debra S. Herrmann Domain 6: OPERATIONS SECURITY Concepts 19. Data Storage and Network Security; Greg Schulz Domain 7: LEGAL, REGULATIONS, COMPLIANCE, AND INVESTIGATIONS Information Law 20. National Patient Identifier and Patient Privacy in the Digital Era; Tim Godlove and Adrian Ball 21. Addressing Social Media Security and Privacy Challenges; Rebecca Herold Investigations 22. What Is Digital Forensics and What Should You Know about It?; Greg Gogolin 23. eDiscovery; David G. Hill 24. Overview of the Steps of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model; David G. Hill 25. Cell Phone Protocols and Operating Systems; Eamon P. Doherty Major Categories of Computer Crime 26. Hacktivism: The Whats, Whys, and Wherefores; Chris Hare Compliance 27. PCI Compliance; Tyler Justin Speed 28. HIPAA /HITECH Compliance Overview
The 'Information Security Management Handbook' serves not only as an everyday reference for information security practitioners, but also as an important document for conducting the intense review necessary to prepare for the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) examination.

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ISBN-13 :: 9781466567498
ISBN: 146656749X
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.08.2013
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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Auflage 6 New edition
Sonstiges: Buch, 261x184x30 mm, 12 Tables, black and white; 61 Illustrations, black and white
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