High Temperature Materials and Mechanisms

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Introduction Yoseph Bar-Cohen High-Temperature Materials Chemistry and Thermodynamics Sulata Kumari Sahu and Alexandra Navrotsky Refractory Metals, Ceramics, and Composites for High-Temperature Structural and Functional Applications Jeffrey W Fergus and Wesley P Hoffmann High-Temperature Adhesives and Bonding R Peter Dillon Oxidation of High-Temperature Aerospace Materials James L Smialek and Nathan S Jacobson High-Temperature Materials Processing Olivia A Graeve and James P Kelly Characterization of High-Temperature Materials Yoseph Bar-Cohen and Robert Cormia Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring of High-Temperature Materials and Structures Yoseph Bar-Cohen, John D Lekki, Hyeong Jae Lee, Xiaoqi Bao, Stewart Sherrit, Shyh-Shiuh Lih, Mircea Badescu, Andrew Gyekenyesi, Gary Hunter, Mark Woike, and Grigory Adamovsky High-Temperature Motors Nishant Kumar High-Temperature Electromechanical Actuators Stewart Sherrit, Hyeong Jae Lee, Shujun Zhang, and Thomas R Shrout Thermoacoustic Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters Mostafa Nouh, Osama Aldraihem, and Amr Baz Shape Memory and Superelastic Alloys Mohammad Elahinia, Masood Taheri Andani, and Christoph Haberland Thermoelectric Materials and Generators: Research and Application Vijay K Varadan, Linfeng Chen, Jungmin Lee, Gyanesh N Mathur, Hyun Jung Kim, and Sang H Choi High-Temperature Drilling Mechanisms Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Xiaoqi Bao, Mircea Badescu, Stewart Sherrit, Kris Zacny, Nishant Kumar, Thomas Shrout, and Shujun Zhang High-Temperature Electronics Zhenxian Liang Ultra-High-Temperature Ultrasonic Sensor Design Challenges Matthew M Kropf High-Temperature Materials and Mechanisms: Applications and Challenges Yoseph Bar-Cohen Index
The use of high-temperature materials in current and future applications, including silicone materials for handling hot foods and metal alloys for developing high-speed aircraft and spacecraft systems, has generated a growing interest in high-temperature technologies. High Temperature Materials and Mechanisms explores a broad range of issues related to high-temperature materials and mechanisms that operate in harsh conditions. While some applications involve the use of materials at high temperatures, others require materials processed at high temperatures for use at room temperature. High-temperature materials must also be resistant to related causes of damage, such as oxidation and corrosion, which are accelerated with increased temperatures. This book examines high-temperature materials and mechanisms from many angles. It covers the topics of processes, materials characterization methods, and the nondestructive evaluation and health monitoring of high-temperature materials and structures.
It describes the application of high temperature materials to actuators and sensors, sensor design challenges, as well as various high temperature materials and mechanisms applications and challenges. Utilizing the knowledge of experts in the field, the book considers the multidisciplinary nature of high temperature materials and mechanisms, and covers technology related to several areas including energy, space, aerospace, electronics, and metallurgy. * Supplies extensive references at the end of each chapter to enhance further study * Addresses related science and engineering disciplines * Includes information on drills, actuators, sensors and more A comprehensive resource of information consolidated in one book, this text greatly benefits students in materials science, aerospace and mechanical engineering, and physics. It is also an ideal resource for professionals in the industry.
Editiert von: Yoseph Bar-Cohen
Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen is a senior research scientist and supervisor of the Advanced Technologies Group at Jet Propulsion Lab. In 1979, he received his Ph.D. in physics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. His research is focused on electro-mechanics including planetary sample handling mechanisms, and novel actuators that are driven by such materials as piezoelectric, EAP, and biomimetics. In April 2003, Business Week named him one of five technology gurus who are "Pushing Tech's Boundaries." His accomplishments have earned him numerous honors and awards. He has (co)edited and (co)authored several books and publications, co-chaired 44 conferences, and has 22 registered patents.

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