Fundamentals of Helicopter Dynamics

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Historical Development of Helicopters and Overview Introduction to Hovering and Vertical Flight Theory Introduction to Forward Flight Theory Rotor Blade Flapping Motion: Simple Model Helicopter Trim (or Equilibrium) Analysis Isolated Rotor Blade Dynamics Rotor Blade Aeroelastic Stability: Coupled Mode Dynamics Coupled Rotor-Fuselage Dynamics: Rotor Modes Flap Dynamics under General Hub Motion Helicopter Stability and Control Ground Resonance-Aeromechanical Instability: A simple model Bibliography
Helicopter Dynamics Introduced in an Organized and Systematic Manner A result of lecture notes for a graduate-level introductory course as well as the culmination of a series of lectures given to designers, engineers, operators, users, and researchers, Fundamentals of Helicopter Dynamics provides a fundamental understanding and a thorough overview of helicopter dynamics and aerodynamics. Written at a basic level, this text starts from first principles and moves fluidly onward from simple to more complex systems. Gain Valuable Insight on Helicopter Theory Divided into 11 chapters, this text covers historical development, hovering and vertical flight, simplified rotor blade model in flap mode, and forward flight. It devotes two chapters to the aeroelastic response and stability analysis of isolated rotor blade in uncoupled and coupled modes. Three chapters address the modeling of coupled rotor-fuselage dynamics and the associated flight dynamic stability, and provide a simplified analysis of the ground resonance aeromechanical stability of a helicopter.
* Explains equations derived from first principles and approximations * Contains a complete set of equations which can be used for preliminary studies * Requires a basic first-level course in dynamics, as well as a basic first-level course in aerodynamics Useful for any student who wants to learn the complexities of dynamics in a flying vehicle, Fundamentals of Helicopter Dynamics is an ideal resource for aerospace/aeronautical, helicopter, and mechanical/control engineers, as well as air force schools and helicopter/rotorcraft manufacturers.
Autor: C. Venkatesan
Professor C. Venkatesan holds a master of science in physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and master and doctoral degrees in engineering from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. After gaining experience in both industry and academic research, he joined the department of aerospace engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur as faculty. He has initiated strong academic and research activity at IIT-Kanpur in the field of helicopter aeroelasticity. He has more than 100 research publications both in journals and conferences. He has received awards from The Aeronautical Society of India. He is a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering and Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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Autor: C. Venkatesan
ISBN-13 :: 9781466566347
ISBN: 1466566345
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