CMOS: Front-End Electronics for Radiation Sensors

42, Devices, Circuits, and Systems
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Key Prerequisites Noise: A Review of Fundamental Concepts Time-Invariant Front-End Circuits Time-Variant Front-End Circuits CMOS Transistors Basic Building Block for Front-End Electronics Transistor-Level Design of Front-End Stages Discriminators Digital-to-Analog Converters Analog-to-Digital Converters Time-to-Digital-Converters Biasing Circuits and Power Management I/O Circuits System-Level Aspects in Front-End Electronics Highly Integrated Front-End Systems
This book offers a comprehensive treatment of front-end electronics for radiation detection. It discusses the fundamental principles of signal processing for radiation detectors and describes circuits at the level of functional building blocks, omitting transistor-level implementation. It also covers important system-level topics commonly found in the world of front-end electronics for radiation sensors. The book develops the topics in detail, with a constant focus on practical problems. It also provides real implementation examples that offer insights and stimuli for more experienced engineers already working in the field.

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