Implementing Reproducible Research

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Tools knitr: A Comprehensive Tool for Reproducible Research in R Yihui Xie Reproducibility Using VisTrails Juliana Freire, David Koop, Fernando Chirigati, and Claudio T. Silva Sumatra: A Toolkit for Reproducible Research Andrew P. Davison, Michele Mattioni, Dmitry Samarkanov, and Bartosz Telenczuk CDE: Automatically Package and Reproduce Computational Experiments Philip J. Guo Reproducible Physical Science and the Declaratron Peter Murray-Rust and Dave Murray-Rust Practices and Guidelines Developing Open-Source Scientific Practice K. Jarrod Millman and Fernando Perez Reproducible Bioinformatics Research for Biologists Likit Preeyanon, Alexis Black Pyrkosz, and C. Titus Brown Reproducible Research for Large-Scale Data Analysis Holger Hoefling and Anthony Rossini Practicing Open Science Luis Ibanez, William J. Schroeder, and Marcus D. Hanwell Reproducibility, Virtual Appliances, and Cloud Computing Bill Howe The Reproducibility Project: A Model of Large-Scale Collaboration for Empirical Research on Reproducibility Open Science Collaboration What Computational Scientists Need to Know about Intellectual Property Law: A Primer Victoria Stodden Platforms Open Science in Machine Learning Mikio L. Braun and Cheng Soon Ong A Research-Reproducibility Tool for Computational Sciences Christophe Hurlin, Christophe Perignon, and Victoria Stodden Open Science and the Role of Publishers in Reproducible Research Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Peter Li, and Scott Edmunds Index
In computational science, reproducibility requires that researchers make code and data available to others so that the data can be analyzed in a similar manner as in the original publication. Code must be available to be distributed, data must be accessible in a readable format, and a platform must be available for widely distributing the data and code. In addition, both data and code need to be licensed permissively enough so that others can reproduce the work without a substantial legal burden. Implementing Reproducible Research covers many of the elements necessary for conducting and distributing reproducible research. It explains how to accurately reproduce a scientific result. Divided into three parts, the book discusses the tools, practices, and dissemination platforms for ensuring reproducibility in computational science.
It describes: * Computational tools, such as Sweave, knitr, VisTrails, Sumatra, CDE, and the Declaratron system * Open source practices, good programming practices, trends in open science, and the role of cloud computing in reproducible research * Software and methodological platforms, including open source software packages, RunMyCode platform, and open access journals Each part presents contributions from leaders who have developed software and other products that have advanced the field. Supplementary material is available at

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