Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment

Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact
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Introduction Walter E Goldstein An Insight into the Discovery of the Contamination of the Environment and Drinking Water by Pharmaceuticals Thomas Heberer Presence and Fate of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and in Drinking Water James S Smith Jr Occurrence, Effects, and Methods for Antibiotics and Illicit Drugs in the Environment Tammy Jones-Lepp Detection of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: History of Use as a Forensic Tool Keir Soderberg and Remy J-C Hennet Health Impact of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and in Drinking Water: Potential for Human and Environmental Risk James S Smith Jr Health Impact of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment and in Drinking Water: Analysis and Research Needs Walter E Goldstein Effect of Antibiotics on Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes Olivier Potier, Jean-Noel Louvet, Christophe Merlin, Marie-Noelle Pons, Dominique Dumas, and Walter E Goldstein Wastewater Pharmaceuticals Minimization: Analysis of Opportunities and Costs Walter E Goldstein Conclusions and Recommendations, Research Opportunities, and Implementation of Measures to Control Environmental Pharmaceuticals Walter E Goldstein
A Proactive Approach to Improving and Protecting the Environment The accumulation of pharmaceuticals in the environment is a growing concern, the magnitude of which has not been determined, yet cannot be ignored. Touting the benefits of research and discovery as it relates to a pharmaceutical presence in the environment, Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact explores ways to effectively minimize the harmful impact of environmental contaminants. It considers current practice in the field, provides a historical reference, and presents effective methods for detecting and containing low levels of environmental contaminants. It also offers practical suggestions for mobilizing private and public resources. Discusses Health Impacts and Risks to Humans and Other Living Species The contributors of this work consider important environmental contaminants that include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and special products, such as contrast agents and illicit drugs. This book describes current health impact concerns, methods for assessing risk, and lessening the negative impact on health through research and analysis.
It examines the costs of wastewater treatment, and considers ways to potentially reduce the effect of environmental contaminants in treated water and in the soil. It looks at what may be done about contaminated soil and landfills, addresses the costs of contaminant elimination, and suggests ways to get rid of contaminants sensibly and consistently. It also includes case histories and chapters authored by specialists who are experts in their fields. Developed as a reference for professionals and senior undergraduate and graduate students in environmental science/ecotoxicology, the text proposes advancements and applications that can help control pharmaceutical accumulation and improve the environment. It serves as a resource for those in the pharmaceutical industries, personal care product industries, and related areas; scientists and researchers in related areas; as well as environmental protection agencies, physicians, and medical personnel.

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